Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Photos & Prayer - Beginning of 2019!

Dear friends and followers of our journey in missions,

We have decided to start a monthly  "Photos & Prayer" update where we will share prayer requests and recent photography from our daily lives and mission work.  

We hope you will enjoy these updates!

We sincerely appreciate your prayers and partnership, which makes it possible for us to serve in São Paulo, Brazil sharing the message of the gospel in various capacities.  Thank you! 

Some shots of the work at Casa Semear! 

We recently went on a retreat with fellow missionaries who serve in ABBA, the local Brazilian mission we serve with.

Jessie at basketball practice.

We are pregnant with baby #4!

Playing at an indoor cultural center in downtown São Paulo.

Snapshots from home.

- Please pray for the children and teens who participate at Casa Semear.  Many of them come from broken and difficult homes. Pray that they will encounter Christ, be transformed, and grow in discipleship. 

- Felipe is currently teaching a Sunday school class at our local church on the book of Esther.  Pray for him as he prepares and teaches. 

- We have just accepted the invitation to lead a community group (small group) at our local church. We will be replacing the current leaders because soon they will move to Rio de Janeiro to plant a church.  Please pray for a smooth transition and great connections with this new group. 

- Pregnancy: Laura is currently 21 weeks pregnant, for those who may not have heard the happy news. Baby #4 is due in July and the pregnancy is going well.

- Our kids:  Josiah's health has remained strong in recent weeks, and we praise the Lord for this! Our girls (Sophia & Jessie) are thriving, enjoying school, and especially enjoying participating in a weekly basketball clinic.   

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Party at Casa Semear!

Each year we hold a Christmas party at Casa Semear, and it is a highlight of the year for the kids who live in the neighborhood slum community and participate in the ministry programs.

First we gather and have a time of sharing from the Word of God.  This year Felipe shared briefly about how Christmas is the celebration of God sending His Son Jesus Christ with the ultimate purpose of dying on the cross for the sins of the world and rising again! 

We enjoy a special lunch, a typical Brazilian barbecue, and then distribute Christmas gifts, which were donated by generous donors from near and far. Thank you if you are one of those sponsors who helped to make this day possible!

Enjoy seeing these photos of Casa Semear's 2018 Christmas party!

Here are just a few of the smiling faces at the party!  Each child recieved a pair of shoes, a new clothiug item or outfit, and a fun present of some kind.   Each family also received a Christmas food package filled with nonperishable items.  The children and families were cared for and shown the love of Christ through these practical needs being met this Christmas!

Again, thank you to all of you who have prayed for or supported Casa Semear in some way!  May these lives grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, living lives of dignity and joy in Him.