Saturday, March 31, 2007

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions...

Where are you going?
Belo Horizonte, Brazil ~ The translation of this city’s name means beautiful horizon. Belo Horizonte is located northwest of Rio de Janeiro and has a population of over three million people. It is the third largest metropolitan area in Brazil and has a high level of urban poverty, with many children and adults living on the streets.

What missions organization are you serving with?
Youth With A Mission, also known as YWAM. It is one of the largest and most respected missions organizations in the world. To learn more about YWAM and the Belo Horizonte YWAM base, visit these sites:

How long will you be in Brazil?
I have a two year commitment to serve on staff with YWAM Belo Horizonte. If the Lord calls me to stay longer, I am very open to it.

What language do they speak in Brazil?
Portuguese ~ The first three months I am in Brazil I will spend half of my day studying Portuguese and the other half of my day serving in some capacity. I am very excited about this special time of language learning. I know it will be very beneficial!

What will you be doing in Brazil?
I will live and work at a ministry called the Rescue House (in Portuguese, Casa Resgate). Several days throughout the week, street children and teens are invited to come to the Rescue House to take showers, eat hot meals, play games, and learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the Rescue House, the children also undergo a special time of counseling and prayer. The Rescue team makes contact with the child’s family (if the child has a family) and then helps reintegrate the child back into his/her home.

Some children cannot return home due to abusive parents, broken homes, and/or parents addicted to drugs and alcohol. These children are invited to stay at the Rescue House to participate in a two week trial period where they are prepared to enter a (long term) YWAM home to be cared for.

In the city of Belo Horizonte, YWAM reaches out to many children through various shelters and outreach centers. These ministries are changing lives as staff workers love the children with God’s heart and share the healing message of Jesus Christ! I am privileged and excited to become one of those staff workers!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Rescue House

When I first arrive in Brazil, I will be living and working at a ministry of Youth With A Mission called Rescue House. Click on this link to see pictures and read all about it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I got my visa!

Today, March 5th I finally received my visa!

I can now go to Brazil! Thank you Lord!

This has been such a journey. In February of 2006, the Lord clearly showed me I was to go to Brazil to serve with YWAM. I started the visa process April of 2006 and finally almost a year later I am going to go! I plan to fly out some time in the beginning of April.

Throughout this whole process the Lord continued to tell me to trust Him and to keep moving forward, by faith. There were times I wanted to give up and just stop pursuing going to Brazil, but the dream and the Lord calling me to this could not be denied. There were many problems and disappointments along the way, but the Lord continued to speak, "Don't give up. Perservere. Have faith. I am with you. Dare to believe I am going to do this. Dare to believe my words to you!"

His faithfulness is amazing! Today I finally got to see and hold my passport with the visa stamped inside. It is funny that this little piece of paper has effected my life so much in the past year.

In spite of it all, this delay has been such a gift to me. The Lord has taught me so much and blessed me with many beautiful relationships.

The Lord has been teaching me patience, and has been equipping and preparing me so that I will be complete and lacking nothing... He has confirmed and assured me over and over that this is the way He desires me to walk. This path of missions... of being Jesus to the hurting and sharing His saving truth and love... I have much to learn, but I am willing!

God is SO faithful!