Friday, April 13, 2007

My life in Belo Horizone, Brazil so far...

This is a photo taken from the front courtyard area of the house where I am living. The city of Belo Horizonte is surrounded by beautiful mountains! The streets of the city actually remind me of San Francisco! There are many steep hills and walking around the city is great exercise. After being here a week I am starting to walk places and take the bus by myself. It is so neat because whenever I have a problem or need help with directions or which bus to take, God always provides a person to help me at just the right moment. God truly has been with me every step of the way. I am so thankful!

Here is picture of my room-I am on the top bunk! I share a room with two other staff workers. One girl is from Brazil (Jeanete) and the other one is from Holland (Mariska). They are great and have been so welcoming to me! I am so thankful that the girl from Holland speaks English and the Brazilian girl is very patient with my Portuguese.

This is the place I am taking my Portuguese course at! On Wednesday I started my Portuguese class through a local university here in Belo Horizonte. I will go to class two days a week. In this class there are about 12 people from many different countries. I am very thankful for the opportunity to study in a classroom setting. I know it will help me progress more quickly in my language skills!

This is the Rescue team-minus one guy who is taking the photo! Also the two boys on the right are street boys who just completed a two week trial period in the house. They just moved into the home for boys- Restoration House- this past Tuesday. Please pray for a good transition into their new life there.

On Monday we begin the regular schedule of opening the house to people and children in need, and then we will also go out on the streets every day throughout the week to reach out to children and families living in the slums (in Portuguese- fevelas). We will also be building relationships with many of the street kids too. Through getting to know the street kids, we will see if they would potentially want to come and live in one of the YWAM shelters. The Rescue team literally does what the name of the team is called- we will go to the streets and RESCUE children who are in great need.


  1. Hey Miss Laura:) Loved all the pics:) Looks like you are doing really well and being blessed over there!!!:) Is there an address that we could send you like a handwritten letter etc?

    Thanks! ~ Michelle

  2. Hey's so awesome to be able to see where you're living and going to school and the people you're working with. So exciting. I miss you!

  3. Hey Laura...thanks for the wonderful message you delivered to those of us here at Bethesda Presbyterian Church. The work you are doing is amazing!I know others will continue to be blessed through your work.

  4. hello! My name is Lucy. I'm thinking of maybe going to Belo Horizonte to the YWAM base in September/October time and I'd love to know what's it's like, what you are doing, etc. Didn't know quite how to contact you. Hope you don't mind me writing on here.I also saw you are doing portuguese classes. How did that come about at the uni? It would be great to hear from you. My e-mail is