Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The word `fevela´ is the Portuguese word for slums here in Brazil. Our team goes to the different fevelas throughout the week to visit families that we have relationships with. Here are some photos of one fevela we visit on a regular basis.

Some of the fevela families we visit have children living in the YWAM shelters and other families we visit with the hope and intention to share God´s love and share oppertunities that we can offer to help improve their living situations. Many families are in really desperate and difficult situations. Pray that we can bring them hope and love in the midst of their pain and poverty.

The boy in this photo is actually flying a kite. Often in fevelas, the houses are built on a hill right on top of each other. This fevela is actually very spacious compared to most!

Beautiful face!

In the same fevela, Faith (from Virgina), me and Janete singing for an small audience - there were more kids and people there than you can actually see in the photo! We spent the afternoon visiting and worshiping with a family and then playing games and singing songs outside with some kids. It was a great time! This family does not leave the fevela often due to problems with the police, so we brought the love of God to their home. Pray for the 5 children living in this house. The family we visited is in great need and we are hoping to help them. Pray for wisdom and the Lord to move in this family.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jewels of the Lord; Joías do Senhor

During the last few weeks I had the priviledge of working with some precious daughters of God, and one newborn baby too! I truly feel that they are jewels of the Lord!

Meet Carlos* Here is the son of the beautiful girl you see in the photo below. He is 3 weeks old and is doing great. Carlos and mom are now living in a YWAM shelter here called Reborn House. There are currently 3 young girls with babies living in this house.

Here is mom! She participated in a 5 day triage here at Rescue House and then moved from here into the Reborn house. It was great to have mom and baby at the Rescue House! I got to help this young mom with caring for baby Carlos- baby baths, crying in the night, diaper changes, and lots of love and fun with this little one.

My times with this young mom were really special to me. I really connected with her and could see the Lord touching her heart through our times of prayer, talking, and reading the word. She has a difficult past and recognizes that coming to live at the Reborn House (shelter for teenage moms) is a really great opportunity for her and her son.

Please pray for her. She is 17 and actually lived in the YWAM house for street girls, for about 2 years. She ran away from the girls house and now has returned to live in the Reborn House with her new son.
This is Ana*. She came to our house consistantly every day for the last two weeks. She also participated in a special day-triage, for street people. Ana successfully completed the triage and this past Thursday we took her to a recouperation house. There she will recieve help and treatment that she desperately needs. She desires so much to turn her life around, to get off the streets, and to be free of her alcohol addiction. Please pray God would meet her and help her as she is in this recouperation house.

My times with this lady were also really special. She loves to sing! I would sit with her and I would play the guitar and we would sing together. She loves this one song in Portuguese and she taught me how to sing it. The song is about the "Dreams of God" and how God wants to restore to us the dreams in our hearts and heal us. This song gave her much strength!
I was truly touched by her heart and at times I would just sit and think- wow I can't imagine what this lady has been through in her life. She is 33 and has lived on the streets for 18 years. Has 5 children, 3 adopted and 2 in shelters. She has been through so much, but her heart was so hungry. Please pray that this time of recouperation would be a powerful time of God freeing her and leading her into an abundant life, wrapped in the LOVE of our Father.

*For the protection of these people, the names have been changed.