Saturday, September 1, 2007

Going to the Mountain...

I recently heard a message at a church here about going to the Mountain to be with God. It challenged me a lot to go to that secret place... away from everyone and everything... every distraction and just be with the Lord.

The Mountain represents so many things...

It is a place of sacrifice. Abraham took his son Isaac to the mountain and was willing to sacrifice his promised son. He was willing to give to God someone (not just something- but someone) and this someone was SO precious to Abraham. He let go of His rights and in Abraham´s obedience and faith, God provided another sacrifice, another way -- God met Abraham and was pleased with Abraham.

Jesus went alone to the mountain to pray and spend time with the Father. Being with the Father... Being intimate with Him, talking with Him, worshiping Him, spending time alone with the Father was a priority in the life of Jesus.

Moses went to the mountain and recieved direction and guidance from the Lord in how to lead the Israelites. God revealed His purposes to Moses and divine guidance on the mountain.

I feel like God is calling me to the mountain now...

He is calling me to a place of sacrifice. I am laying down my life daily here and learning more and more about the cost of being His disciple. But, oh what a priviledge and joy it is to lay down my life for the sake of knowing Him more.

He is calling me to deeper intimacy. He is challenging me to fast and pray and to press into His heart more... At times I think, ¨Oh Lord, I want this deeper intimacy... but how the spirit is willing, and my flesh is weak...¨ How I need God´s grace to choose to hide away with Him. I have to PURPOSE myself to GO to the mountain. I have to plan this time, or somehow and in someway I don´t make it up there... I don´t enter into this place with the Lord, because my time has been stolen away.

He is calling me to seek Him for direction. This is a special time in my life. I am starting a YWAM training course called Children At Risk. I will be learning about how to work with hurting children who live in poverty, or who have been abused or experienced trauma in their lives. I will be learning how to help children who are at risk of giving their lives away to crime, violence, drugs, and a life on the streets. I really feeling like God is going to give me specific guidance about my future during this time.
The mountain is such an amazing place to go... It is beautiful.
There is SO MUCH to see and take in at this sacred place.
I want to take in all that the Lord wants to show me... on the mountain...

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