Friday, October 26, 2007

Boys will be Boys!

See what´s going on in BRAZIL...

Meet Davidson and Alex! These two boys are now going through a 2 week trial period at the Rescue House (this is the ministry I worked at for my first 5 months here in Brazil). I am on a team of 5 students from the Children At Risk Course and we are spending 2 weeks working the various ministries here at the YWAM Belo Horizonte base. It is cool because we are learning about all the ministries and getting to know a lot of the kids!

These boys are moving into the boys shelter - called the Restoration House - very soon! All of the students doing the Children At Risk training are currently living at the Restoration House, so we will be able to continue to build relationships with these boys.
Pray for these boys and their transition into the house. They both have been through lots in their short lives.
Walking with the boys to get ice cream!!!


We as students of the Children At Risk Course helped organize a TALENT NIGHT for the boys living in the Restoration House. There were many fun and funny acts! This night was to honor the boys, to encourage them to be creative and to share their special talents and abilities. Here are just a few photos from the special night! Hopefully I can post more photos soon...

Loren (from Germany) juggling with Jonatas! She taught him how to juggle for this night!

Welver won the craziest hair contest for the night!

This was a silly dance with hands and heads!

Leo rapping! The boys LOVE Hip Hop!
(It is funny because in Portuguese the way to say Hip Hop is Hippie Hoppie!)

Me and a boy named Hobson, sitting in the audience enjoying the show!

Having fun and enjoying the after-show treats!!!

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  1. Laura, I love the photos and I hope all the best for you! Also have a great time coming back to US. I will not be here for Christmas, because I am going to Orlando FL with John.
    But let me know when you get in US
    Love u and Deus abencoe the kids down there!