Thursday, November 22, 2007

A TEST on Thanksgiving day??? YES!!!

I woke up to the sound of an alarm going off...
I am currently sleeping in a BIG room of eight girls and one of the girls in my room had set her alarm for 5:00 am! But, unfortunately I had not realized the time yet... I rose from my bed thinking, ¨OK- 6:00am... Time for a new day!¨

I started getting ready for the day... once I realized it was super early I decided to just stay awake.. I was already up!

Today was actually my last day of class in my Children At Risk Course AND we had a test!
A TEST on Thanksgiving day??? YES!!!

SO, early this morning I enjoyed my coffee and breakfast while reviewing my test notes.
BY 8:30 am I was starting my test and then at 9:30 our last class for the course started.

Today in class Johan ( the base leader) talked about helpful points to stay mentally healthy while working in missions. It was a good teaching about caring for yourself as a missionary! A very helpful teaching I know will be useful in the future!

At 1:00 I was eating the normal Brazilian lunch! BEANS and RICE! Today along with the beans and rice we had some roasted beef, fried eggplant, and tomatoes! Very exciting- I know!

By 2:00 I along with the other students in the course started a special time of cleaning on the YWAM base. I spent about 2 hours today scrubbing a wall that looked like it hadnt been cleaned in ages! The wall turned SO white-it transformed!

Tonight I will be having a Thanksgiving party with all my friends in the course!

So today I will be celebrating my Thanksgiving with people from all over the world!
People from these nations will be present at my Thanksgiving celebration: Korea, Norway, Germany, Brazil, USA, New Zealand, Holland, and England!

I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have supported me through prayer, encouragement, and finances this year!

Lots of Love and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!