Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on Marcos

I met with a friend of mine who works at the Boy’s Home called the Restoration House.
She told me more of the story…

Marcos did NOT run away. He had to leave the house because he was using drugs in the house. If a boy gets caught using drugs he automatically has to leave the home because the boy could influence the other boys to use drugs too. He is NOT allowed to go back to the YWAM home because of his drug involvement and his age. I learned that he is actually 17. If he was younger and having this problem he could possibly have a chance to return.

I also learned that because of his involvement with drugs Marcos was supposed to be in a teen prison . My friend was VERY surprised that we had seen him on the streets.

During our conversation with Marcos, he mentioned he may try going to another shelter that is known to be a fairly good place. Please continue to pray for this boy. He really has a lot of potential! I am praying that he chooses to make good choices and follow a better path! The path God has for Him.

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