Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Activities!!!

This week we celebrated Easter with our groups of girls!

We did many fun activities with the girls and it was beautiful to see God working in their hearts.
Here is one of the girls sharing the salvation story through a book we made called, "A Book Without Words." Each page is a different color and represents a different part of the gospel message.

Watching portions of the Jesus film with the girls!

We taught the girls about Jesus washing the disciples' feet and let them experience what the disciples experienced during Passover...

We also taught the girls about the Last Supper and we took Communion.

The bread represents the broken body of Jesus Christ and the wine (or grape juice) represents the blood of Christ poured out for us...

Sharing a lesson about the amazing and GREAT LOVE of GOD!


Each girl was to look into the mirror and proclaim,
" God loves __(their name)____."
This activity was so interesting to observe the reactions of these girls. It was difficult for some of the girls to look into the mirror at themselves and speak the truth that GOD loves them. Some of these girls never hear the words, "I love you..." from their parents so it is powerful for them to hear and learn that they are greatly loved.

GOD LOVES this precious one!

This week we talked a lot about the LOVE of GOD! During this activity each girl placed her photo inside this heart that represents the heart of GOD. We will keep this bulletin board up as a reminder of the EVERLASTING LOVE of GOD!

The afternoon girls group!!! They are greatly LOVED!!!

Kelly showing the girls a really cool Lego cartoon about Jesus, His death, and ressurection.

This is an Easter activity we did with the girls and the phrase written at the top of the page says, "Jesus is our Passover!"
We talked with the girls about Jesus being the passover Lamb
and that HE is the reason for this Easter season!

The service with the ladies from the slum! These ladies were encouraged by the worship, the word that was shared, and yummy snacks!

Happy Easter to you and Your family! Feliz Pascoa!

Thank you for your prayers!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

News About Lady the Light House Guard Dog!

I am happy to announce that Lady can no longer have puppies! Thanks to a donation given by my sister, Lady had surgery this past week and is now a fixed puppy!
Here is a photo of her before she went to the Vet for her surgery! YES- the Melhor Amigo (Best Friend) Vet came and picked Lady up in their cute little decorated car. Now that is what I call service!

Lady is now in her recovery stage... She has a HUGE collar on to keep from hurting her incision from the surgery. She is a sweet natured, obedient dog and a BIG joy bringer to many living at the Light House Community Center - esspecially the foreigners who miss their family pets back in their home countries.

We are happy that Lady´s quality of life has now improved and we don´t have to worry about her getting pregnant! That would be A LOT of extra work for us as well!!!