Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Domingo Com Deus ~ Sunday with God

About once every other month the Light House Community Center hosts a children's program for all the children who live in the slum of Cafezal.
Enjoy photos of our most recent Domingo Com Deus/ Sunday With God!
A group of students who are doing their YWAM Discipleship Training School led this outreach.
It is a fairly quiet Sunday afternoon. Children are beginning to arrive outside the Light House doors while students are walking the streets inviting children to come to the program.

Faces in the Crowd....

My good friend Kirsty (a volunteer from New Zealand) and some boys who participate in a boys group here at the Light House.

Enjoying life with BIG, CRAZY clown hair!

Waiting for the show to begin...

One of my precious girls from my morning girls group!

A beautiful smile from a girl from my afternoon girls group!

Precious and beautiful are these little ones...

This is a girl from my morning group with her brother who was recently hit by a city bus while riding his bike. You can still see the wounds on his face in this photo. Due to the accident, he also broke his leg and suffered from a slight head injury. He is now continuing to heal and is doing well!

Having fun taking photos!

Clown entertainment!

Making music unto the Lord!

Two girls from my afternoon girls group singing along!

My friend Michelle (from Brazil) reading the story You are Special by Max Lucado (in Portuguese) and a drama presented by the DTS students to illustrate the story!

It was a fantastic way to tell the kids how special they are to God!

Eli, the main character who represents Father God, telling his creation how special she is!

After the program we split into small groups so the kids could complete a follow up application activity. Above is a girl from my morning girls group working hard!!!

Happy and smiling! Another precious one from my morning group with a clown!

This Domingo com Deus was a success! About 150 children from the slum participated in all and many were impacted and touched with the Love of Christ!

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