Saturday, May 10, 2008

Living Miracles

Tonight I went to the 1st birthday party of a one year old boy who is living with his mother, Joyce, in the YWAM girls shelter for girls with babies, called the Reborn House. I worked closely with this young mom and her baby last year when I was working at the the Rescue House. I wrote a blog about them about this time last year.

As you can see they both are doing well! Mom is growing in her walk with God and is currently taking classes at night. Baby is healthy, happy and is now 1 year old!!!

Here I am with Joyce and her nieces and nephews that attended the party! Many of her family members live in the same slum as me! Joyce actually spent many years living in Cafezal slum as child. She later lived with her mentally handicapped mother in a hospital for three years, on the streets, in another YWAM girls shelter called Recanto, off and on in the homes of her sisters (here in the slum), and now she is living safely in the Reborn house with her baby.

Enjoy the video below of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese!

It is beautiful to see how in the last year God has worked in the life of this young, teenage mom. Both mom and baby are true miracles and testimonies of God's faithfulness!

A special guest at the party!
This precious girl is another MIRACLE of God!

This beautiful girl was unfortunately born with the HIV virus. Her mother, a girl who is still on the streets, passed the virus onto her. Last year I also worked with this precious baby and her mother while working at the Rescue House. The mother of this girl lived at the Reborn House for a while with her daughter but ended up returning to the lifestyle of living on the streets. Her daughter has been adopted by a lovely couple from Holland. Oh, how this couple loves this precious girl and their unconditional love has brought much healing to her life! Her health is stronger than ever now and she is a happy and lively baby! When she first came to the YWAM shelter she was extremely sick, unactive, and an unresponsive baby. God has brought much life to her!

I love to see God at work in these lives.
Living Miracles of God!
He is working - bringing life, love, change, and healing.
He listens to the cry of the needy ones...
He is a God of LOVE!

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