Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Recently we had a special BIBLE DAY to celebrate the BIBLE here at the Light House with the youngest children that participate in the children's groups here!

Our house leader, Felipe, starting our day with prayer and singing songs!

The children singing and doing motions to a popular kid's song here.
"Read your Bible pray every day, pray everyday, pray everyday...
If you want to grow!"

Me presenting a skit about the value of hiding the WORD of God in your heart.

Two precious ones standing in line near the decorated doorway!


Searching for SILVER and GOLD!
We taught the kids the following verse

The law from Your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold. Psalm 119:72

Then we sent them on a treasure hunt to find their own piece of silver or gold.
And they're OFF!

Each child finding their piece of silver or gold!

My sweet girls showing their treasure. Each piece of gold has the verse from Psalm 119:72 written on one side.

The afternoon girls group with their pieces of gold and silver!

This smile is priceless!

The children completing a problem solving activity. Each small group organized the words from different scriptures in order - like a puzzle!

We shared with the children about different countries where people can not worship freely or even have their own Bible. The stars are placed on the map marking the top ten nations where there is no religious freedom and in most of these nations Bibles are illegal.

The children SUPER FELIZ with their new, cool and colorful Children's Bibles!

The afternoon girls' group with their new Bibles!

A THUMBS UP for the new Bibles!

Reading away in his new Bible!

Enjoying snacks and our Bible Party in the park!

Our girls coloring a follow-up activity with a Bible verse!

Our BIBLE DAY was fun and each child was SO HAPPY to receive their very own personal Bible!

Thanks again to White Plains United Methodist Church of Cary, NC for donating the money to purchase these Bibles. This community has been blessed by this offering!


  1. Hi Laura!!
    it's awesome to read your blog. The work you are doing is baring fruits isn't it?!
    How wonderful to see this. i hope you do and that you may receive energy and lots of love from it in return.
    Good to hear your mom is there. Take good Care!

  2. Laura:) you are an amazing blessing:) We are SOOO thrilled about all the wonderful things that God is doing through you:) You truly are planting seeds in the lives of countless lives... you are making a difference:) Many blessings, hugs, prayers and love:)
    Michelle, Melissa and Andy<><

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! Missing you!....