Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tea and Bibles for the Ladies!

On Tuesday I gave a special TEA for the women from the slum who participate in the water aerobics class here at the Light House!
Here is a photo of the beautiful women, the Light House lifeguard/water aerobics instructor (Professor Nunes) and me!

Enjoying YUMMY treats!

The dessert in the tray on the table is a special apple cobbler recipe that my Grandma Bookout makes. I called my grandma the night before the tea to ask for the recipe and ALL the ladies liked this treat the BEST! Many people want the recipe now!

Delicious Orange Cake!!!

I presented a video about the life, death, and resurection of Jesus Christ! It was beautiful and set to music that spoke of the MAJESTY of KING JESUS.

I recieved a SPECIAL donation from White Plains United Methodist Church (Cary, NC) to buy Bibles to give to the families and children we minister to here at the Light House.

I am happy to say that we were able to bless each woman at this special Tea with a brand new Bible!!! They were very thankful and blessed by this gift!

Women already reading in their new Bibles! They are hungry to read the WORD of GOD!

This sweet elderly lady told me that the Bible I gave her was the first Bible she has ever had in her whole life. I am pretty sure that she can not read, but still I was overjoyed to be able to place a Bible in her hands! Now she has a Bible and even if she can not read, some one may be able to read it to her.

After I gave this women a Bible she said to me, "Laura, this is the best present I have ever received. I never had a Bible before and now I have one. Thank you so much!"

I was surprised to hear that she had never owned a Bible as well and was again so happy that now she has one. Soon afterwards I saw her already searching the scriptures and I snapped this shot.

The woman on the far right with the yellow shirt is currently in two courses here at the Light House. She is in a literacy course, learning how to read and write and in water aerobics.

After I handed her a Bible I said to her, "I know you are learning to read right now so I will be praying that you will continue to learn quickly and be able to soon read this book!"

She said, "Yes, I want this! In Jesus Name!"

HAPPY with their NEW BIBLES!!!

It was a wonderful TEA to celebrate these ladies and honor them by giving them each a Bible.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to White Plains United Methodist Church in Cary, NC for donating the money to purchase and distribute these Bibles! God Bless you for giving to this community here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. May the WORD of God that is going forth produce MUCH fruit and bring transformation here!

Stay tuned... NEXT week we will distribute Bibles to some of our kids groups! I am excited about this!


  1. hey laura, its Kori form the Church at the Well, and i have been wondering how you have been and how your trips have been going and i guess i am kind of happy you created this blog because i am able to find out. its nice to know that you are enjoying what you are doing. I think what you are doing is a great thing. Anyways just thought i would say hi it has been awhile....with much love Kori or Korishia

  2. Laura, you look so happy! I'm glad your time in Brazil is going well. I love you and hope you enjoy your remaining time there.