Saturday, August 23, 2008


There are so many things that I love about working with the girls groups here at the Light House Community Center! But one thing that especially touches my heart is the way the girls enter into our house each day.

We keep the doors locked except during the Light House working hours. Whenever it is time to unlock the main gate to start the morning or afternoon sessions there is always a great CELEBRATION! Children are eagerly and expectantly waiting outside the Light House to enter and participate in our daily activities.

I love this part of the day! I usually stand at the top of a hill near the entrance to greet the girls (unless I am the special one to do the honors of opening the door). Whenever the gate is opened my girls come flooding in with their big, beautiful brown eyes searching to find exactly where I am. When they spot me they call out my name, “Laura! Laura!” and come running full speed towards me, arms wide open and upraised - ready to give me a BIG hug!

As they enter our house, I can see such a relief and a joy on their faces. They are finally inside!

The girls know they are SAFE here…
They are now in an environment of love, affirmation, discipline, and protection. They are off the streets, out of their troubled and chaotic homes, and away from the harsh reality of life in the slums.

They know they can RUN to me...
I am always there waiting, with arms of love available, to embrace and accept them.

They know they can find LOVE…
Through my life, my words, my actions, my attitude, my presence - I am here to offer the LOVE of Jesus Christ to each child. It is my prayer that each girl will encounter the unconditional and unfailing LOVE of God when they enter into the Light House! This is the reason I am here in Brazil, working with hurting children who live in poverty…

It is all because of LOVE! The love of Jesus Christ!


  1. Laura, you are touching so many lives. This picture just shows so well that all of your hard work, prayers, tears, heartache, and every hardship you have endured are not in vain. You should title this photo, "Fruit".

  2. Seeing that little girls face as she rushes in to hug have no words. I miss you so much but am so RELIEVED that you are there to hold them, speak truth, and pour out the love of Jesus on these little ones. I know I cannot be there but my heart is with you.

  3. I got very emotional after seeing this picture. They really do love you, Laura!

  4. Laura,

    We have been keeping up with your blog since we left in Feb08. God bless all of you for your work. May God grant a great harvest in Belo.

    Westfalls of Alaska