Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in BRAZIL!

This year I celebrated Christmas with my Youth With A Mission family here at the Light House Community Center!  Enjoy photos of our special lunch on Christmas day!

My two Brazilian friends preparing some yummy food!

A family from England serves here at the Light House 
with us!  Here is a photo of Felipe with the men from this family.   It was so nice to celebrate Christmas with a family with children!
(Josiah, Felipe, Gideon-being silly, and Dave)

Gideon snuggling with Lady before lunch!

The table, set up nicely and me preparing a special salad in the background. 

Cool table shot...

My beautiful and fruity salad!  It had strawberries, apples, raisins, walnuts, and two different types of lettuce!  

Notice the Christmas tablecloth!  Our table of food beginning to fill up!

We even had TURKEY!!!!  This is not a common meat to eat in Brazil!  Dave had the special honors of carving the turkey.

Everyone getting ready to pray and eat!  We celebrated with an international mix of the following nations; Brazil, United States, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, and England!

Beckie, my friend from England and her son Gideon enjoying Christmas together!  It was so fun to celebrate with her kids!

Having fun playing with spoons!  We all started playing with spoons after our Christmas meal.  Josiah started with just 2 spoons, but soon managed to have more hanging off his face!

Playing the Christmas present game- white elephant in Dave and Beckie's house!  They had Christmas decorations and a nice tree so it was really a special treat to celebrate as a team there!

After opening gifts, a white dove got trapped in Dave and Beckie's home!  Gideon saved the day and rescued it. Pretty cool!

Felipe and I on Christmas Eve all dressed up, riding the bus to visit his family!


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