Tuesday, March 31, 2009


During the last week of March, Felipe (my fiance) and I went to the city of Curitiba, Brazil to the CALL2ALL Conference.  We went as representatives from our YWAM base here in Belo Horizonte. To learn more about CALL2ALL go to www.call2all.org.

Below is a video of a time of worship we had during the conference.  Many people are entering carrying different flags of many nations and we are all singing, "Powerful God!  My soul longs for you!  To Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb, be all praise, be all honor, be all glory, be all dominion for ever and ever!" 

It was an amazing time of worshiping God and meeting with staff from other YWAM bases, pastors, and people from various ministries.  We are all working together to see all the people on the earth come to know the LOVE of God and have relationship with HIM.

Here is a photo of Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, speaking at the CALL2ALL conference.  Being able to listen to Loren share from his heart and teach several different times was a great honor for me. 

Felipe and I also had the honor of participating in a special meeting only for YWAM workers, which was led by Loren Cunningham.  I felt like we were all sitting in a big living room talking and listening to Loren share personally.  We had about an hour and a half of asking questions to Loren and just listening to his wisdom. It was cool! 


During the conference we had special prayer times of commiting ourselves to the Lord as missionaries and also praying for the nations.  One morning a HUGE MAP of the world was rolled out onto the floor and we worshiped and interceded for the nations.  It was a beautiful time! 

At this point in the prayer time we were all to stand on LAND.  No one could step into the ocean and we were to pray for the nations we were standing on.  You can see me in the photo above. I prayed for Alaska and Canada!

I had to find my home state... NORTH CAROLINA!!!

During our worship and prayer time for the nations, a young guy (who is a member of a ministry group to reach youth through break dance) felt led to break dance over the world! Check out the video below!

For fun Felipe and I also went to the famous Botanical Gardens of Curitiba. 
I love this first photo that Felipe took.  He is a great photographer by the way! 

Overall, it was a great week for Felipe and I.  It was very refreshing to be at the CALL2ALL conference and to spend time together.  God was really speaking to us both, reminding us WHY we are serving in missions.  It is because we LOVE the Lord and we desire that others encounter this LOVE and MERCY that we have found.

   We were reminded of the simplicity of life as well. Life is about knowing and loving God and and each other.  We desire to live that and make it a priority by the grace of God. 

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  1. Thanks Laura for praying for Alaska, we need all you can muster.
    Congratulations on your ingagement.
    Lord bless you both and my he grant you long lasting love.


    Valdez, AK