Thursday, March 12, 2009

TIME FLIES when you are having FUN! ...and when you work with YWAM!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how quickly time passes here in BRAZIL. I am constantly making new relationships with volunteers from all over the world and they always say this too,
"Time goes by SO fast here in Brazil!"

Maybe it is our way of life and even living in the YWAM community.  My life is rich, full, and busy so time just seems to be passing by SO quickly. It is hard to believe that April is just around the corner.

Here are some fun photos of a few activities here at the Light House during the last few weeks.  ENJOY!

Felipe and I were cast as Adam and Eve in a funny Creation drama for a regularly scheduled children's outreach here at the Light House.  The Outreach is called Sunday with God.  To be a little silly for the kids I wore my hair funny!

 The theme of this Sunday with God was to care for the environment! 
At the Light House we desire to set a better example by caring for the environment and teaching the children in the slum how to do that as well. This will help the slum become a healthier and happier place.

In this photo you can see many different characters that represent what God created on each day!
Let there be LIGHT!

My friend Cida representing all the living animals!
The words- "Clean Town, Beautiful Town" are written on the wall behind her.
God created male and female... Adam and Eve!
Felipe and I had fun doing this drama together!
Felipe leading the kids in some songs afterwards!

Each child who participated in this Sunday with God received a cup full of dirt and the opportunity to plant sunflower seeds! 
Two beautiful girls leaving the Light House Community Center with the sunflowers they planted in hand.


This year I am working with a group of boys and girls (ages 6 to 8)  Monday through Thursday afternoons.  We are with the kids from 2:00 until 5:00 singing, doing educational activities, telling Bible stories, teaching, swimming, playing games and sports - you name it!  I am enjoying my time with these precious ones!

Here I am reading a Bible Story to my group of kids!  I am becoming a little more fluent so now I able read more stories (on a really easy level) to the kids! I am enjoying this!  Reading to children is one of my most favorite things to do!

We are doing educational centers in our group time!  The kids enjoying a game of memory!

One of my boys drawing his family with some cool Crayola Markers that were donated by my cousin's church!  The kids are loving these markers!  THANK YOU for sending them! 

SUPER FELIZ with the special new markers.  The black markers are specially scented!

Working away in our classroom!  As you can see the walls are in terrible condition. As I am writing this, a much needed new classroom for our group is being constructed with a few offerings we recently received.  YAY!!!

The PLAYDOH Center!  We are still enjoying the great donation of playdoh that was sent by my parents' church!   Thank you to all the churches who have blessed these children and also blessed my life through giving finances and also sent boxes with supplies to bless the groups!

THANK YOU!  The kids are enjoying!

Doing a drama with the kids! Each child represents a different member of one family. We were talking about families and why they are important to us and why God gave us our family!

Playing in the park with my BOYS! It takes 3 boys to balance me out on the see-saw!

The children truly LOVE playing in the Light House park!  Just last week many of them were playing in this clubhouse a very interesting game of cops and robbers with imaginary guns in hand.  I observed their reality through their play time.  In certain areas of the slum there is heavy drug, crime and police activity. 

Below is a video of Felipe leading a singing time with a group of boys!  
They are singing- Jesus is good!  He's good! He's really good!
Sit down, stand up, spin, and jump!  Sit down, stand up, spin, and jump!
I will praise - WOAH!

It brings joy to my heart to see the boys having fun and praising God!

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  1. Wow. I can really see these kids passion for Jesus Christ. Its really amazing they have people like you in their life who tell them about His great love. Stay Strong.