Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Goes On...

Felipe and I have a lot going on right now!  Please pray for us...
We really want wisdom and balance between our work and our upcoming wedding and preparing for our marriage.   We are in a BIG transition time and have MUCH more responsibility than we expected during our time of preparing for our wedding. 

  We thought we would be in the USA and would have time off to focus on preparing for our wedding. Now, since we are marrying in Brazil, we need wisdom in how to divide our time and step away from work responsiblities - so we can prepare for our wedding.
 We really want to enjoy this season of being engaged.  Pray for us!

This is photo of a "pretend" wedding ceremony that we jokingly had at a children's play area in a local park here in Belo Horizonte.  You can't see in the photo, but we had a wonderful audience -our team and a visiting DTS outreach team from Mexico.   On this day we also had a picnic, did some hiking and spent quality time together as a team.  It was a great day!     

   LIFE and ministry continues at the Light House...


Recently we had an afternoon of "team time" and did a fun team building activity as the Light House team along with a visiting DTS outreach team from a YWAM base in Mexico.  

Everyone listening to the instructions and the objective of the game.
The challenge was for each team to work together and make it across court carrying two cups of water.  The main rule was that we could not touch the floor.  We had several materials to help us out - scooters, mats, wooden boards, and each other working together as a team!  We also were challenged to make it across the court with as much water as possible in our plastic cups.
  It was a great team building activity!


The past few weeks we have been focusing on the LOVE OF GOD in our lessons with our children's group.  Here we are sitting in a HUGE heart on the floor. The kids are loving this and it has been a great way to keep them sitting on the floor in an organized way. 

I was teaching about HOW long, high, deep, and wide is the LOVE of GOD!

Last week we did roller skating for the first time with our group and they ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  
Our house has a stock of donated skates of various sizes.  Most of the kids were using roller blades WAY too big, but they loved every minute of their time skating. Many were falling over and over again, but they persevered and were full of laughs as well. 

In the start of the skating session, most of the kids were falling and on the floor! 

But with time most were soon on the feet and skating well! 
Now they are doing better... Almost everyone is up now!
 It was a SUPER FUN skating session!

In addition to working with groups of children here in the Light House, we also have a Soccer School.   A Brasilian YWAM worker, who is currently studying physical education at a local university, leads the soccer school.  He works with adolescent boys from the slum and does an amazing job training them.   Through this program many boys are off the streets and spending time and energy in a positive way, while also learning Biblical principles for life. 

Enjoy this video below of the boys training away...

One of my girls drawing a sidewalk chalk portrait of Felipe and I.  Felipe's HUGE green afro is great!  Pray for this precious girl who participates in my group.  Her adoptive father is in the hospital with stomach cancer.  It has been a hard few weeks for her. 

Felipe and I spent last weekend at his family's house celebrating the birthday of his mom.   They all live here in Belo Horizonte, but on the other side of the city.  Here is a photo of Felipe and I with his brother, sister and mom.  It was a great weekend!   We rested, spent time wedding planning and were also able to personally invite several extended family members to our wedding.

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