Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Life...Back to Reality!

After an amazing honeymoon here in Brazil, Felipe and I are back at home in the Light House Community Center located in the slum of Cafezal.
Our honeymoon was very relaxing and such a gift to us from God. We visited three different beaches here in Brazil and truly enjoyed being together and being outside in creation. Times of rest and investing in our relationship are SO important. At times our life can be really intense living and working together in ministry.

We have been back working now for almost a month and are getting adjusted to life as a married couple. Life is busy, but rich and full of adventures and challenges. God is constantly teaching us new things about Himself and the children and people we work with.
Above is a photo of our little round house! We are living in YWAM accommodation and feel blessed to actually have a small home inside the Light House grounds.

In this post, enjoy the many photos, videos, and writings about the many happenings of our lives here at the Light House Community Center!

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings...
So an important part of Felipe's role as the Light House Director and my role now that I am also a part of the leadership of the Light House is MEETINGS. So we are back to work and we are going to meetings!

Felipe is in many more meetings than me, and it may seem like not a very "missionary -like" thing to do. However, this is actually an extremely important part of leading the house. It is through one on one meetings and meetings with various people and leaders that unity comes, problems are resolved, prayers are answered, and we can together communicate and support one another to help bring the kingdom to this world.

Each week we participate in the base leadership meeting with other leaders from various ministry houses who work with our YWAM base. We also have meetings to sit with the staff and just talk and help support them in their missionary journey.

Praying for the WORLD!
One Friday afternoon, the Light House hosted a international party/prayer meeting! Each ministry house that works with YWAM Belo Horizonte presented a different continent.

During this time, we as a YWAM base prayed for all the continents of the world and also enjoyed learning new and interesting facts and needs about each corner of the world.

The Light House staff presented North America and we prayed for Mexico, USA, and Canada. We also presented a little something from the culture of Mexico and everyone did the Mexican Hat dance! I was dancing and presenting so I unfortunately have no photos of this, but I do have a video clip of the Africa presentation. I LOVED the dance and music that they presented. This prayer day was also a great time of celebrating diversity, interceding for the nations, and also remembering our calling to spread the good news of the LOVE of Jesus Christ to ALL in the world.
The Restoration House presenting Africa!

Teaching and Preaching!
Since we have arrived back in Belo Horizonte, Felipe has had the honor to teach and preach more! He preached at a worship service and taught for 3 days in a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at a nearby YWAM base in a city called Contagem. The YWAM base in Contagem was actually the very first YWAM base in Brazil. Felipe also preached just last week at the Thursday night service here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.

A photo of us before the service.
A video clip of the message Felipe was preaching. He is preaching in Portuguese and it is being translated into English.

My group of PRECIOUS kids!
Above our kids are listening intently to a new leader in our group! Melina, a fun loving Brazilian, came on staff here at the Light House in July. She has been a great blessing to our group and has been helping out A LOT since my life has been pretty busy over the last consecutive months.
Roller Skating once again! The kids love any chance they get to roller blade here at the Light House. We have enough old and repaired skates so that each child in the group can skate.

One boy was combining soccer and skating!
Beckie teaching a lesson about dental hygiene. If you look closely she placed HUGE teeth in the puppet to teach her lesson. The kids loved it!
We think the RAINY season is starting! It is not raining every day yet, but more and more recently there has been RAIN!
Just last week we had such a sweet time with some of the kids in my group. All the kids were swimming in the pool and then suddenly a HUGE thunderstorm arrived. In the pouring rain we had to get all the kids out of the rain and into a safe and warm place. The warmest place we could think of was the Light House Kitchen!
While in the kitchen Felipe, Beckie and I played games with the kids until the thunder storm passed and they could safely walk home. We were in the cozy and warm kitchen at least 30 minutes playing games. It was such a fun bonding experience together!
The boys in our group were really enjoying Felipe joining in and playing the games with us! I could see how much the boys were looking to Felipe as a male role model and really seeking his attention and affirmation. This is a strong need that young boys have - a good male role model.
A fun parachute game we were playing one day!

The Light House BOYS!
Recently another Light House group of boys held a special presentation of things they created. They were challenged by their group leaders to create models representing their dreams for the future of the Cafezal slum.
They did an amazing job with their creations and were so proud of their accomplishments! Many staff and other children visited their "exhibit day" and supported their hard efforts.

Just look at their beautiful smiling faces. They were so proud of their work. Unfortunately, many children from the slum are very critical of anything that they do or make, so activities such as these are really EXCELLENT to encourage and show the boys that they have worth, are intelligent, and have something valuable to contribute to the world. I was so full of joy on this day when I saw how happy and proud these boys were because of their special presentation.

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