Friday, October 9, 2009

100 DAYS in YWAM!

The chalkboard above says 100 days in YWAM!
This week in our children's group we happily celebrated the 100th day of our group. It was a day to rejoice and celebrate all that God has done over the past 100 days and a fun way to celebrate the number 100 and teach math skills.

Since the first day of our kids group back in February we have been counting each day of our group during our special calendar time. I did this educational activity when I was a teacher in the United States, and it is a great way to teach and reinforce various math skills. During the year we have been especially focusing on place value skills.

Here is the helper of the day showing our place value board that shows how many numbers are in the ones place, tens place, and hundreds place. We also count craft sticks to have a visual representation of each day.

We started our 100 Day Celebration with prayer and reading the Psalm 100. Listen to Psalm 100 read aloud in Portuguese!

During this special 100 day we had various centers to reinforce math skills. This is the 100 day headband center where the kids made decorative headbands and drew exactly 100 things!

Here the kids are making bead necklaces. Each necklace should have 100 beads! They were SO FOCUSED during this center. We were proud of their concentration, perserverence and discipline.

In this center the goal was to make 100 little things with Play Doh, as a team working together.

MISSION accomplished! Great Work!

We also had the children count out 100 beans, grouping the beans into groups of ten. If you do not know, these are the typical beans that Brazilians eat every day. Beans and rice is a staple here and Brazilians truly LOVE beans and rice. I have to agree, beans and rice are a tasty and healthy meal!

Here is the SURPRISE center! Each group got to do some baking and mix together a small cake for the 100 day party planned for the very end of the day.

These kids got to use some funny hair nets!

Our group lining up, decked out in their 100 Day headbands and necklaces, getting ready to head to the park for our 100 Day party!

This precious one praying for our refreshments. This little girl is an inspiration to me. She has a special relationship with God at such a young age. It is beautiful to see and I pray that she grows up to be a woman after God's own heart.
The rest of the group... praying along.
Time to eat! Chowing down on the snacks!
The cakes were a success and they turned out extremely delicious! These guys were serious about getting a piece of cake.

The girls enjoying the treats!

I had to get a photo with this special girl. On her headband where she drew 100 things, she put my name (Laura) and Felipe's name 10 different times. You can kind of see it in the photo here. So sweet!
Overall the day was fun and the kids enjoyed celebrating the number 100!
We are thankful for the 100 days that have already passed this year in our group. We have seen God work in beautiful ways in the lives of these children.

One of the things I most love about working with this group, is I love to see the kids just being able to be kids. I love to see them playing and laughing! Here at the Light House Community Center they can experience a taste of childhood. They can taste and see the goodness of the LORD.

The reality of life in the slum is that many children live in situations where they do not have the freedom to just be kids. Some of these very children in our group face harsh realities at home such as - a parent with HIV, lack of proper food, a father who recently died, a dad who abandoned the family, divorce, and a parent suffering with alcoholism. These are just a few of the problems present here in the slum and these children live in this reality.

Praise the Lord that here at the Light House these children encounter LOVE and can experience being the child that God has created them to be...even if it is just for a few hours.

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