Monday, October 26, 2009


We are VERY happy to announce that we will become proud parents in May of 2010!

We got pregnant during our honeymoon and are so thankful for this gift of life that God is giving to us! To read more details about what has been going on with us personally, just keep reading on. We also wrote this in our Fall Newsletter that we recently sent out.
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A Visit to the Doctor

At the end of June, about a month before our wedding, I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be called. I had recently completed several standard tests in preparation for my upcoming wedding day, and was just checking back with the doctor to confirm that everything was fine.

Thankfully, Felipe accompanied me to this appointment to support me and help with translation if needed. We thought it would be a quick and easy visit. When the doctor arrived, we were surprised to learn that I have three fibroid tumors in the walls of my uterus.The doctor counseled us to start having children soon if we wanted to have a family.

As we left the doctor’s office, I was in shock and felt many emotions. Both Felipe and I love children and have a strong desire to have a family. We also have a vision to adopt in the future.

Before we heard this news, Felipe would often joke with me saying, “Laura, let’s go ahead and start having kids SOON after we are married, please! Let’s not wait a long time.” I would respond, “Yes, I want to have children soon too, but it is wiser to wait at least a little bit.” But after we learned about my fibroids, we prayed and sensed that God desired for us to start trying to have children as soon as we were married. Although it was difficult to hear this news, we also felt a sense of expectation, hope, faith, and joy as we thought about starting a family sooner rather than later.


After returning from our honeymoon, both Felipe and I were curious as to whether or not I could be pregnant already. Could it have happened so soon?

We were told it could take us possibly a year to actually get pregnant, so we were trying to be realistic and trust God’s timing either way. The second week in September we bought a home pregnancy test—and it was POSITIVE!

So, our BIG NEWS is that I am pregnant—already! It is amazing to see that on our first attempts of trying to get pregnant, during our first weeks of marriage, God blessed my womb and we are now preparing for our first child. We are going to have a honeymoon baby!

This wonderful blessing presents many challenges and transitions for Felipe and me. However, we know that God is working and ordering everything in our lives, for our good and HIS GLORY. We are excited about this life inside of me and feel privileged to become the parents of this very special child!


Since becoming pregnant I have already had some complication due to the fibroids. Please be in prayer for me. In late September I began to experience extreme pain and made several trips to the hospital. I also spent over a week in bed unable to do anything. We were afraid that I may miscarry, but the doctors explained that some women experience pain while pregnant with fibroids. During the next month or so I should expect to feel pain off and on as my uterus is growing and changing.

The good news is that the baby is doing fine! I have been resting lots and have adjusted my working hours so that I can take better care of myself. The fibroids will not hurt the baby, and I am so thankful to say I am feeling better already! The pain has lessened and hopefully will not return again anytime soon. Felipe has also been a huge support to me during this challenging time. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing husband and friend!


We are rejoicing in the LIFE God has placed within me! Please be praying for protection and health over this precious life. We desire prayer for God's blessings over our marriage and grace, wisdom, and health during this season of being pregnant. THANK YOU for rejoicing with us, and for your faithful prayers!


  1. Congrats Laura & Felipe! What wonderful news!!! Bella is a May baby too :)
    Just so that you know, I had the same happen to me. During the pre-wedding exams, they found a large fibroid in my uterus, but in my case, there was no space for a fetus, so they forbid me to get pregnant before having a surgery to remove it.
    I'm so glad your fibroids are small enough for you to be able to have a baby w/ no surgery!
    We'll be praying for a smooth pregnancy!
    Much love
    Simone & Verrone fam

  2. Laura, that is so exciting! I'll be praying for you three ;-)