Friday, November 6, 2009

Kids say the funniest things...

Since the kids in my group found out I am pregnant, they have been saying the funniest and sweetest things to me. Even though I am not even showing very much, almost every day the kids do something new that makes me smile.

I think it is beautiful how these children already LOVE my baby simply because they care about me. I had the idea to record some of these happenings and sweet memories for fun! So here goes...
A Conversation with Carol...
Carol - "Did you tell Felipe that you are pregnant?"

Me - "Yes, of course!"

Carol - "Why!?! Why did you not make a surprise???"

Me - "I could not do that!"

Carol - "How did you tell him you were pregnant?"

Me - "Well, actually I did not tell him. Together we bought a pregnancy test at the pharmacy and after I did the test I was too nervous to look at the result. Felipe went to look at the result for me."

Carol - "And what did he say to you?"

Me (with lots of expression and joy - like Felipe)- "Laura, You are pregnant! We are going to have a baby!"

Carol - (she laughed and smiled a huge beautiful smile)

Thiago - Placing his head up to my almost non-existent pregnant tummy. "Ohhh... Your baby is sleeping."
Another day Thiago places his head super close to my belly to listen and says very seriously, "Ohh... I heard a noise. Your baby is kicking!"

A Song for me and my Baby!
A group of girls playing in the park one day began singing in the park the following song.
Oh Laura - Where are you?
We came here - only to say...
Oh Laura - Where are you?
We came to see - your baby!
The girls chanted this phrase over and over and over! I was inside my house laying down because I was not feeling too well. Since my house is right next door to the park I could hear their song, and after hearing it I had to go out and tell them how much I enjoyed it! The girls brightened my day!
They always remember my baby!
Almost every day when the kids arrive and leave the Light House, they greet and say goodbye not only to me, but also to my growing baby inside my tummy.

"Oi nene da Laura!" "Hi Laura's baby!"
"Tchau nene da Laura!" "Bye Laura's baby!"

Often the kids pat my tummy, place their ears close to see if they can hear anything and then talk to the baby. Sometimes the children even kiss my tummy to give my baby some love! So sweet!

An Honest Conversation
One day when the kids were once again asking me questions about my baby, Pedro suddenly shared with a very serious tone and facial expression, "My mom, she looks like she is pregnant, but she's not. She just has a big belly."

My friend and co-leader in the group - Becky commented, "Yes, and sometimes there are men who look like they are pregnant, but they are not." We all smiled! It was a funny moment...

Sex Education
We have really taken advantage of me being pregnant and used it as a way to talk to the children about pregnancy, discuss the human body and some sex education stuff - on an age appropriate level for these young ones of course!

Here in the Cafzal slum , one of the major problems among teenagers is an extremely high rate of pregnancies. Last year the community health center here in the slum conducted research and discovered that out of all of the pregnant females that they attended, 27% of the females were teenage girls. This is the reality here in Cafezal. Children are becoming pregnant! Many even as young as 13 or 14 years old, or younger!

One of our goals here at the Light House Community Center, is to teach the children and teens in the slum godly principles and create an atmosphere where we can talk to them in an open, healthy and biblical way about sex. We also are teaching the children why it is important to protect and value this precious gift God has given to us.

To some people's surprise, talking to children about sex is something that needs to start young. Esspecially children living in at risk situations. Many children are learning about sex from TV, movies, negative influences of older people in their lives, friends, inappropriate magazines, the list goes on and on...

In my group of 6 to 8 year olds, we spent two weeks doing special small groups (with girls and boys separated) using Christian educational books talking about the human body and the miracle of life. The comments and questions the kids had were so enlightening and healthy. Many only have learned about sex from things they saw on TV, friends, or from observing family and/or other adults in the slum. Below are the books we used!
An inside look of the book called The Miracle of Life. The photos are amazing and the text presents detailed information about each stage of pregnancy. I learned a lot from this book as well!
It was great to be able to speak to the children about sex and the beauty of how a life begins. Although the children were a bit shy, we gave them space to ask questions and we were able to respond in a way that is healthy, beautiful, and that correlates with Godly principles.

Please pray with us, that we as the Light House Community Center can bring transformation and change concerning this high rate of teen pregnancies here in the Cafezal slum. We need wisdom to know how to work with the children, teens, and families that God has entrusted us with.

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