Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We will miss you Lady!

Our beloved guard dog here at the Light House, named Lady, was put to sleep today because she has a serious sickness, and could possibly pass the illness on to other dogs.

I have cried a lot. Lady has been such a blessing to me personally as I have transitioned into making Brazil my home. I love animals and there is just something about having a pet that makes you feel more at home.

Out of all the dogs I have ever had in my life, Lady was my favorite. Felipe and I really considered Lady our personal dog, although she was much loved by almost everyone in the house - staff workers, the children from the slum, the volunteers, and the many international teams that visit here.

Yesterday Lady had a fun time playing with the kids from our group in the Light House park! Her last full day of life was a happy one filled with treats and special attention and love.

Lady was a beautiful dog, with a loving and sweet temperment. She will be missed dearly here at the Light House Community Center!

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  1. i am so sorry to hear about this laura.
    she was such a wonderful dog, and i know you were very special to her and vice versa. just be glad that you helped to improve her quality of life... i wish that they had let you keep her alive and just fenced (away from other dogs).