Sunday, February 21, 2010

Team Time!

Since we have arrived in Brazil life has been quite busy here at the Light House Commmunity Center!
Felipe has been leading the team in our yearly staff training time.

We start every year this way. At the beginning of every year the Light House team stops all work to sit together, pray, seek God, spend quality time together, plan, evaluate, write goals, and organize for the year at hand.

WORSHIP together as a TEAM
Here is our team enjoying a time of worship together!

Afterwards we played a really cool game with all the cards you see scattered on the table. We used the images on the cards to answer various questions. It was a very creative game of sharing things from our hearts and connecting together as a team!

Here we are playing another team game of encouragement.
We were to finish the phrase, "I am thankful for (insert a team member's name) because _________."

We would throw the yarn to the person of our choice and say why we were thankful for that person, encouraging and recognizing who he/she is and the special qualities that he/she specifically brings to the team. This was a great team building game!

As you can see, we had a lot of encouraging going on. How important it is for us to speak words of LIFE and LOVE to one another and to see each other as Christ sees us. I love team games like these because it really encourages us to remember the good qualities in one another and value one another as the body of Christ.

This is what I call TEAMWORK!
Our team working together to clear out some trash.
During the days when the Light House is closed to the people from the community, we as a staff also spend LOTS of time doing practical work around the house.

We do not have any paid workers who maintain the house. We missionaries mantain it and spend time every week cleaning and doing practical work to keep the house running, clean, and maintained. This can be challenging at times because it seems like there is always so much we want to do and there is so little time!
Tomorrow the Light House Community Center OFFICIALLY OPENS! The doors will be open to the community at 9:00am and the 2010 year begins for us as a ministry!
We are excited to see all that God has in store for the children and families who live in the Cafezal slum. May lives and hearts be touched changed by the transforming LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.

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  1. May God bless you and your ministering. May He strengthen each of you, draw you closer to Himself, keep your focus on Him and His love for the children. May He speak to the hearts of each child and take the seeds you sow and make them grow. In Jesus' name, Amen.