Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This week we have been hosting a short-term missions team from Switzerland. This amazing team has been giving us training on how to play FLOORBALL!

FLOORBALL is a popular game in Europe and is much like hockey, but with stricter rules and without skates. This FLOORBALL missions team has been traveling the world, teaching about the sport of FLOORBALL and using it as an evangelism tool to share the message of Jesus Christ.

The Lighthouse team of missionaries (and other YWAM missionaries from the Belo Horizonte YWAM base) took part in special FLOORBALL training sessions this week. We hope to use this sport with the children at risk we work with here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Here is a mix of the FLOORBALL team and the Lighthouse team, listening to instructions about the game.

Everyone started out doing basic training skills to learn how to move the ball with the stick...
AND some people were just having fun fooling around. Look at the ball in the air in this shot!

Felipe was intensely FOCUSED during all the games. He really enjoyed FLOORBALL and is already teaching the kids here at the Lighthouse how to play!

Here is Felipe in ACTION! He is already beginning to teach the kids some of the basic skills of FLOORBALL!

Check out a short video clip of the kid's training...

We are thankful God has placed us here in this slum and is giving us various tools to reach the community. Learning about FLOORBALL has been a blessing and we hope to use this cool sport with the kids we work with!


  1. Cool,
    http://floorballcentral.blogspot has just made a comment on our blog and is now linking to this post at our blog.
    Keep up the good work you guys and let us stay in contact...

  2. Wow look at Felipie the Trainer!! Looking good. Yes it was a great week . I really enjoyed it. Blessing from the Jongie Family