Friday, April 30, 2010

GREAT News about My Pregnancy!

At a recent doctor’s appointment we got some GREAT news!

All throughout my pregnancy our doctor has warned us that I will most likely need to have a cesarean section, (due to several fibroid tumors that I have with the pregnancy). Fibroid tumors often weaken the strength of the uterus to contract and push the baby out during labor.

At a recent appointment, my doctor informed us that one fibroid tumor (that was most concerning him) has decreased in size and moved!

We praise the LORD for this!

Our baby is already in great position (head down) and I have many things working in my favor. My doctor is suddenly saying that he now wants me to try to have a normal delivery! I am very happy about this! However, if there are any major problems that arise I may need to have a c-section.

Please pray for my body to continue to do so well and that my uterus will be strong enough to push our Sophia out, without resorting to a c-section. Ultimately I want what is best for our baby, so whether I have a c-section or normal delivery, I am trusting the Lord to be with us and placing it in His hands.

Please pray with us!

As of now, I have stopped working, I am resting LOTS, and preparing more and more for the arrival of Sophia. Her due date is MAY 11th, so just a few more days and she will be here.

We are excited about meeting our precious Sophia Grace face to face!


  1. Just a few days...that made me cry. I love you!!!

  2. That's exciting Laura! I wish you the best.