Monday, June 21, 2010

The WORLD CUP 2010!

The World Cup is a special world event that happens every four years. For Brazilians this soccer championship is VERY important! Brazilians stop everything to watch the games... they even stop working!
Unity, Dignity, and Togetherness...
The World Cup is an event that unites Brazil as a nation like no other event. It is incredible to see such a great sense of unity among the people. There also is a strong sense of dignity and pride of the Brazilian team and a pride of simply being a Brazilian. Almost everyone stops everything to come together with family and friends to keep track of the soccer matches, scores, ect... It is a great opportunity to be together.

Showing our Brazilian spirit as a family!
Our first World Cup together! GO BRAZIL!!!

As a way of reaching out to the community we had the idea to open our doors and provide a fun and safe atmosphere for watching Brazil play in the World Cup.

So far we have watched 2 different World Cup games together with the people from the community -Brazil was playing of course! Enjoy these photos below of our World Cup celebrations here at the Lighthouse Community Center. As you can see in the photos, mostly kids and teenagers came out to watch the games...

Everyone entering and getting ready for a game to begin!
Painting faces to cheer Brazil on!
Some of the beautiful faces of the children living in the slum of Cafezal.
Cheering on the Brazil soccer team with the Brazilian flag!
Our Brazilian daughter, Sophia, in her first Brazil outfit (bought by Daddy especially for the World Cup games). Felipe got this for her when I was still pregnant and was so excited about her finally being able to wear it.

Here is the game of Brazil verses North Korea projected BIG on a wall at the Lighthouse. Brazil won of course!
Sophia was not interested in the game at all. All the noises and activity put her right to sleep, so back home we went to nap...
When Brazil makes a goal everyone goes crazy!!! In the slum you can hear a loud cheer rise up from among all the people watching the game. It is incredible!
During the games, I was often in my house with Sophia. I ALWAYS knew when Brazil had made a goal because sounds of loud cheering, horns blowing, and fireworks were resounding in celebration of the goal throughout the slum!
We are all cheering on the Brazilian soccer team here in Brazil!
Let's see if Brazil becomes the 2010 World Cup Champions!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons why I love my Daddy!

10. I love my Daddy because he changes my diapers, even the poopy ones!

9. I love my Daddy because he helps me calm down when I am upset and crying about something.

8. I love my Daddy because he makes me smile by smiling at me and saying sweet things to me.

7. I love my Daddy because he gives good tummy massages when my tummy is hurting and he doesn't mind when I spit up on him.

6. I love to hear my Daddy sing the song, "In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the lion sleeps tonight..."

5. I love my Daddy because he always finds time to snuggle and hold me in his arms - even when I am napping! AND mommy can have some free time to clean, rest or shower! :)

4. I know my Daddy cares because he tells he loves me and shows me through his actions.

3. I know my Daddy is smart because he married mommy!

2. I love my Daddy because he works so hard at helping mommy taking care of me.

1. I love my Daddy because he's MY Daddy and the BEST Daddy ever!

Written by Sophia in honor of Father's Day!
(With mommy's help of course...)