Saturday, June 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons why I love my Daddy!

10. I love my Daddy because he changes my diapers, even the poopy ones!

9. I love my Daddy because he helps me calm down when I am upset and crying about something.

8. I love my Daddy because he makes me smile by smiling at me and saying sweet things to me.

7. I love my Daddy because he gives good tummy massages when my tummy is hurting and he doesn't mind when I spit up on him.

6. I love to hear my Daddy sing the song, "In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the lion sleeps tonight..."

5. I love my Daddy because he always finds time to snuggle and hold me in his arms - even when I am napping! AND mommy can have some free time to clean, rest or shower! :)

4. I know my Daddy cares because he tells he loves me and shows me through his actions.

3. I know my Daddy is smart because he married mommy!

2. I love my Daddy because he works so hard at helping mommy taking care of me.

1. I love my Daddy because he's MY Daddy and the BEST Daddy ever!

Written by Sophia in honor of Father's Day!
(With mommy's help of course...)

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  1. hi,im abbie from

    I like this post so much :)..i hope i can say all these to the daddy of my children with Nick in future when we have our children too. Thanks for the idea, you inspire me alot. :)

    have a nice day,xoxo