Monday, July 26, 2010

Soccer Championship at the Lighthouse

This past Saturday there was a special Soccer Championship here at the Lighthouse. Marcelo, one of the Brazilian missionaries (who is an excellent soccer player), led this event with the boys from the slum. Marcelo has a great relationship with these boys. He trains and coaches them in soccer several times during the week and all the while is sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Marcelo invited Felipe to be the official photographer of this special soccer event! Below are some photos Felipe took that document the final soccer game of the championship. Enjoy!

The 2 teams in the final match!
Warming up!

Brazil's National anthem was played to start the match. The teams pause to show their respects.

Let the game begin!
Marcelo documenting every detail of the game!

Many boys came to hang out and just watch the game!
All the players received a medal.

The boy who made the most goals won this cool soccer ball!

Happy and celebrating that his team won the game and the trophy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are Family!

Time has been flying since Sophia was born in May! It is hard to believe she is almost 3 months old already! Enjoy this blog post of special times since Sophia's birth.

Below are just a few photos of Sophia at 2 weeks old. Felipe borrowed a nice camera from a friend and did a special photo shoot with Sophia. She was so little in these photos. Looking at these photos and comparing them with her size now, you can see how much she has grown so fast!

Felipe's sister (Tia Renata) and mother (Vovo) visiting us at home for the first time after Sophia's arrival at home. Felipe's mom stops by as much as she can to have quick visits with Sophia!
Felipe's grandmother, grandfather, 2 aunts, 1 uncle, and a few cousins also came to visit us soon after Sophia's birth. We had an extra 9 people in our tiny house just to meet Sophia and spend time with us. It was a special day because it was the first time Felipe's extended family visited our home and the Lighthouse Community Center ministry. Felipe was able to give his family a tour and explain a little about our missions work here in Belo Horizonte.

Sophia is the first great-grandchild in Felipe's family. Here is sleepy Sophia enjoying time with her great-grandma. This little grandma knows a lot about babies. She gave birth to and raised 12 children of her own! Amazing!
My mother just came to visit us and was here for a little more than 3 weeks. It was great to have Grammy here! She served Felipe Sophia and I in so many ways and we were thankful for her time here in Brazil. Of course, she absolutely LOVED her time with sweet Sophia! Cuddle time with Grammy!
I am a content little baby... Well, most of the time...
Sophia enjoying a nap with Grammy!
During a recent visit to Felipe's mother's home. Sophia loves her Tia Renata!Sophia is really smiling lots these days. Here is a photo of her super happy! :)
Naps in the hammock with Daddy are the best!
Sophia and I often go on walks around the Lighthouse during work hours to talk with people and to see all the children and different activities taking place.
There are some great advantages of living where we work. Sophia and I can quickly visit Felipe (if it is a good moment), while Felipe is working. In the photo below, Felipe is taking a moment to hold Sophia while organizing a game with his group of boys.
We are enjoying being a family of three! We feel thankful and blessed and extremely appreciate your prayers and support of our family and ministry here at the Lighthouse Community Center in Brazil.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Discipleship Training School - DTS

Youth With A Mission, the missions organization that Felipe and I serve through is an international, inter-denominational missions organization highly focused on training people to impact the world for Christ.

At the Lighthouse Community Center, twice a year, there is a Discipleship Training School (DTS ) offered for Portuguese speakers and English speakers. The teaching phase lasts for 3 months and the outreach/missions trip phase lasts for about 2 months. DTS is designed to help people understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify unique gifts and purpose in life to use in missions.

Today, a new DTS began here at the Lighthouse with students from the nations of Holland, Switzerland, the United States, and Brazil!

In order to serve with YWAM, one must complete a DTS. It is amazing to think in September of 2005 I was just beginning my DTS in Denver, Colorado and praying about becoming a full time missionary in Brazil. Today, almost 5 years later, I am serving with my husband in Brazil and living out my dream of reaching hurting children with the love of Christ.

If you would like to dedicate 5 months of your life to growing close to God and serving in missions in Brazil, come to the Lighthouse for a DTS. Contact us for more details! :)