Monday, August 30, 2010

Felipe's Birthday!

Last Saturday was Felipe's birthday and we enjoyed celebrating as a family!
After celebrating at home with presents, we headed out to the city and spent the day at a park enjoying beautiful weather and quality time together. We also took lots of photos of Sophia!
It was a great day!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

England Teams

Recently we hosted 2 different short-term missions teams from the wonderful country of England! These two teams blessed the Lighthouse Community Center greatly through serving in various ways, doing practical things around the Lighthouse and working with the community.


Below is a photo of the first team that came. They are actually from the home church of Beckie and Dave, missionaries from England who serve here with us. It was great for them to have their church family here in Brazil!

Both teams from England led a children's program called Sunday With God. The children from the slum love to participate in this program!

Former YWAM missionaries, Sergio and Liz, led a small group of teens from their church in England. In the past, Sergio and Liz worked as staff here at the Lighthouse, but are currently youth pastors in England. Here is a drama by a few teens on their team - during our Sunday With God children´s program.
Answering questions about the story portrayed in the skit. Liz encouraging a girl as she answers questions.
Sergio doing the same!Enjoying Sunday with God!

Sophia enjoying being held by a mom from the community.

The teams ALSO really blessed us by painting! They designed and painted these fun murals!
These murals, posted below, greet all who enter through the front door here at the Lighthouse.
AND Felipe and I were personally blessed by a team that painted the ouside of our house. We were happy about that! :)

Every year, during the mid-year school vacation days, we host the Lighthouse Olympics for all the kids who regularly participate in the groups here at the Lighthouse. For one week, each afternoon the children arrive at 2:00pm. They are divided into teams, each team representing a different country. Each child receives a free team T-shirt representing their nation's team color.
In this photo Felipe is welcoming the kids (holding Sophia) . Everyone is sitting with their team ready for the games to begin!
Relay Races!

Soccer! The most beloved sport here in Brazil!

Water games!
Felipe leading a really cool activity with the groups. The teams had to work together to find a hidden object in the tree. The children could not step inside the roped off area surrounding the tree. Each team earned points for their creativity and ability to work together as a team to acheive their goal.
The children really came up with some interesting ways to get in and out of tree.
Great Teamwork! Searching for the hidden object.
The moment of truth... Felipe announcing the points earned by each Olympic team!
And the medal ceremony begins...
Silver medals for Uraquay! 2nd place!!!
Spain took the gold! Felipe was the team captain and was happy to be on the team that won 1st place. Here are the kids cheering as they hear the final results that they are the winners of the gold!
We were blessed by the England teams in various ways!

A yummy Brazilian Barbeque

Times of Worship

and Fellowship

Thanks English teams for blessing the Lighthouse in so many ways!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Wedding Anniversary!

Felipe and I celebrated our first wedding aniversary last Saturday, August 7th!

It is crazy to think that already a year has passed! So much has happened in our lives. We got pregnant, visited the USA for Christmas, had our beautiful daughter Sophia and all along have been busy serving as missionaries at the Lighthouse here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It has been a great first year of marriage together!

For our anniversary Felipe gave me roses and this beautiful wall hanging.Felipe actually took this photo of me while we were on our honeymoon. He then took the photo to a photo shop, had it blown up into a banner and then had it framed. It is hanging up in our kitchen in a large wall space for everyone to see as they enter our home. I love it!!! Just wanted to share! :)