Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to Work!

Today I officially started back to work here at the Lighthouse!
Sophia is 4 months old today and here at our YWAM base after 4 months of maternity leave the mom usually goes back to work part-time. So, I am back!  The working situation is really a blessing though because the hours are flexible, your children can be with you while you are "working", and everyone is understanding if you need to put work aside and focus on your children. Family is priority!

I have been reflecting on "working" and have been reminded lately by the Lord that my life here in Brazil is not about how many hours I work or what I do exactly.  I am here because God has called me to be here. First He has called me to be His child and to then His ambassador of LOVE to those whom He places in my life. It is about "WHO" I am and "WHOSE" I am.
Also, I have been reflecting lately on how Jesus was intimate with the Father and He only did what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19).  In this season of my life, as I am fulfilling so many roles - as a wife, new mother, and a missionary - I desire to be like Jesus.  I want to be intimate with my Father and do only as He is revealing and leading me to do. Much fruit will come out of this place of abiding in Him (John 15).

So, what are you up to?
At the moment, my actual tasks here at the Lighthouse Community Center are completely different than the past because I am now a mommy.  (I love being a mommy by the way!) I am no longer able to lead a children's group several times a week, but I can tutor a little girl twice a week and will be starting back with this soon!

I am also helping Felipe with the leadership of the house which entails doing all kinds of things such as talking with workers, organization, planning, making decisions, solving various problems, meetings, ect... AND I feel the Lord also wants me to be in faithful prayer for our ministry and be an encouragement and support to everyone serving here with us.
As I am returning back to work, first and foremost I want our precious daughter Sophia to be my top priority during work time. I want to remain sensetive to her needs even as I am taking on more responsibilities here at the Lighthouse. Please pray God will give me wisdom as I fulfill the various roles He has given me.

It was a good first day back!
This morning I led our team in a time of worship during our daily prayer/intercession time. We reflected on just being with our Father God, sitting in His lap, and knowing Him more.

I also worked on our blog (thus this post) and spent time writing a reference letter for a former YWAM worker (and dear friend of ours), Ian, all while Sophia was sleeping.
In the afternoon, I was in charge of quickly receiving and talking with four students from the YWAM Children At Risk Course, that is taking place here at our YWAM base.

Every fall, our base offers this course to train people in how to work with children who are living in at risk situations. Every week there is a small group of students who come to the Lighthouse to observe and learn about how to work with children at risk, from us workers here at the Lighthouse.

In 2007, I did the Children At Risk course and it was a life changing experience! God used it to confirm His calling for me to work with needy children who are living in difficult situations. If you are interested in learning more about this course please email us!

Also, Felipe gave a class this morning for the Children At Risk Course, talking about the Lighthouse Communty Center and working with children who live in poor communities. Then he came back to work with his group of boys in the afternoon, with four students from the Children At Risk Course joining in to observe the work.
Felipe and I then had an afternoon meeting and our work day was done! After a busy Monday, Felipe and are I now about to get Sophia into her night-time routine, and then have some quality time together to talk and rest.

 Tomorrow is a national holiday (Brazilian Independence Day) and we are actually off from work and going to a family gathering at Felipe's grandparent's house. Looking forward to it! :) 

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