Monday, September 20, 2010


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Last year I recieved a package of encouraging notes from the ladies ministry of my home church (Covenant Church International in Raleigh, NC -  I remember being SO blessed by the thoughtfulness of the ladies to encourage and pray for me and my husband as we are serving as missionaries here in Brazil.

One annonymous note had the following scripture and encouraging word written on it;

For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself.
Acts 2:39

May the Lord use you mightily to call many children to Himself!

This note so touched my heart that I saved it and actually placed it on our kitchen fridge as a reminder to us...  This is our heart's cry to the Lord! This is the reason why we are here, living in a slum in Brazil.  We desire that the Lord would use us mightily to call many children to Himself and that they would truly KNOW Him.

I am reflecting on this scripture once again...

Today I was reading the context of the scripture and praying for understanding and revelation.  Peter speaks of salvation.  He is urging people to repent, be baptized, to receive the forgiveness and freedom God so graciously gives, AND to recieve the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit.

The PROMISE of the Holy Spirit is for EVERYONE!  How so?  The scripture says this promise is for you, your children, all who are far away from the Lord, and as many as God wants to call.  I think that covers about everyone because the word says that the Lord desires that all would come to know Him. (2 Peter 2:9).

This promise is basically intimate relationship with God.  As we invite God into our lives, believe the truth of His Word, and seek Him, God gives us this beautiful gift. The Holy Spirit fills our souls, teaches us, speaks, comforts, counsels, leads, brings conviction, showers love, and is God with us in the present moment - here and now... 

It is our prayer that the people of Cafezal slum - the children and their families - would receive this promise, the gift of God in their lives.  There are so many problems, needs, difficult situations occuring in the lives of many people living here.  It is our hope and prayer that as the children and families encounter Christ, their lives will be transformed forever.
From papagaio

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