Monday, October 25, 2010

A Girl I Know...

Yesterday I learned that a teenage girl I know (she is the older sister of one of the sweet little girls I have worked with) has recently entered into prostitution.  The girl is only 17 years old, so therefore she is a minor and a prostitute.  My heart breaks as I think about her now…

A lady in the community talked with her, inviting her to come live with her in her home and to work with her as a prostitute.   This same woman is making this proposition for lots of troubled girls, trying to persuade them to leave their difficult situations to go into prostitution.

This was a big shock to me and saddened me greatly, as I have known this teenage girl for several years (let's call her this Cynthia*).  I have visited her home many times, spoken with her mother, heard Cynthia’s life story (which was painful to hear), and encouraged and prayed for Cynthia and her family.  I know her little sister Vanessa* extremely well because Vanessa was in my group for 2 years. Vanessa would share things about Cynthia with me from time to time when ever she was worried about her big sister.

This home is troubled.  There has been much conflict between Cynthia and her mother over the last few years.  When Cynthia came into her teen years she became very rebellious, but her home is also not the most safe or stable environment.

Cynthia and Vanessa’s mother has the HIV virus.  The virus is so advanced that their mother must be on heavy medication.   This medication alters her mental state and thus prevents her from being able to run her home smoothly or even keep a steady job.  The mother also continues to have different boyfriends come and live in the small home with the girls. A sad and unstable situation…

It has been almost a year since the last time I have seen Cynthia, but to hear this news about her has really shaken me.  

Why did she choose this?  What in her life led her up to this point?  Does Cynthia really believe that working as a prostitute is the best choice for her?

I know some of the answers to my questions… I know Cynthia's past.  I know she has suffered abuse and has believed lies about herself.  Her father is not present in her life. Her relationship with her mother strained. She has dropped out of school.  There are lots of things in her life going against her.

I want better for this teenage girl. I want to be able to tell her, "YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THIS!  You are valuable and loved.  GOD has more for you than this!"  

As I think about her and pray for her I sense that throughout her life a specific lie has come to taunt her over and over.  The enemy has told her, "You are worthless..."  and unfortunately she has believed this lie.

So, this morning I want to proclaim truth and pray for this precious 17 year old girl!  Please pray together with me.  God can rescue her from prostitution and give her a HOPE and a FUTURE.  I also pray for all the other girls in the community, that they will not turn to this kind of lifestyle.  And esspecially Vanessa. May she not go down this path of death...

There is so much in my heart concerning all this...I want to fight in prayer on behalf of these girls.  I want to give of my life to bless them and speak life to them. Lord, show me how...  Show me what I can do...

 * Names have been changed to protect the children.

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  1. Laura,
    This is very sad to hear and I too (even though I have never met this young lady) hurt and cry for her. I will place her and her sister in my prayers that God will help them to feel like princesses in his eyes, because that is what they truly are....they just need to feel that way. Things like this always remind me of one of my favorite books by Max Lucado "You are Special". When girls take this destructive path in their lives they tend to feel like everything everyone ever tells them or shows them is truth....when it is not (just like you said) is a lie from satan! I too proclaim that they will discover the truth in Jesus Christ in their life and that God will set them free of death just as he has done for so many others!
    You are doing a beautifully amazing job and I will continue to pray for you and your amazing family :)