Friday, October 8, 2010

Graffiti on our house!

After the short term missions teams from England visited and painted some fun murals on the walls here at the Lighthouse Community Center, Josiah was inspired! ( Josiah is the eldest son of a dear missionary family from England that serves here with us.)  
Josiah came to Felipe and I asking if he could paint something on our house, facing out towards the Lighthouse playground.  It would be something fun and cool for the kids to see while playing. Of course, we thought it was a great idea and we said, "YES!"  

Josiah prepared everything, even showing us a sample of the cool graffiti sketch he was planning to paint with some leftover paint (that the teams did not use).  Below is the work of art in progress...

 The final result!

The graffiti says JOCUM. Translated this is literally YWAM - which is Youth With A Mission, the missions organization we serve with.  In Portuguese it is JOCUM, Jovens Com Uma Missão.  The kids from the slum often call the Lighthouse Community Center JOCUM because we are a ministry of JOCUM.

Now the children like to take photos in front of our YWAM graffiti.  It is our cool addition to the Lighthouse!  Didn't Josiah do a fantastic job?  He is a talented and gifted young artist!


  1. Thankyou both for giving me the chance to see my gifted grandchilds work. It's fantastic and yes I agree he is a very talented young man. June

  2. Love it ! I started painting graffiti while working with a missions org. in Mexico. ( the founders were YWAMers). i worked with them for over a year, and still to this day im told people still ask about me, the Power of using Gods gifts to glorify him are so powerful! im in dire search for a missions organization that focuses on using the arts to reach the lost, maybe even one day starting my own foreign missions org. using graffiti to connect with the youth! my prayers are with you all ! until all have heard

    Justin ODefey
    Houston, Texas
    age 22