Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The RAINY Parents´ Day!

This past Sunday we had a special Parents´ Day here at the Lighthouse Community Center!  All the parents of the children who participate here at the Lighthouse were invited to come to the Lighthouse to participate in a special program and activities.

We started preparing for this event as a team, early in the morning.  We spent half the day preparing refreshments for the big gathering!  We made cakes, banana bread, and fruit salad from a donation of fruit we received.

We spent hours preparing the fruit!
I enjoyed spending quality time with the team, as we were peeling and cutting up fruit and talking - hairnets and all!
We worked SO LONG and hard on this fruit salad!  It turned out really yummy too!
At 2:00 in the afternoon the parents and children arrived and the special program began! We had special guests lead the parents day program.  A Christian Hip Hop/dance ministry danced, sang, rapped, and shared with the children and parents.  Everyone enjoyed the show!
At the end of their program, the children were invited to come to the front to dance with the ministry team!
In this photo, Felipe is presenting his boys group.  They led the group in a song during the program.
The house was packed with kids and parents!  
And then it began to RAIN, and it was raining SUPER hard! Good thing we had a RAINY day plan! Here is a sweet photo of a mother and daughter having fun in the rain!
The parents and children enjoyed various activities throughout the house.
Here the parents and kids playing a fun parachute game!

The Game Room!
  In this room, the parents and children enjoyed spending quality time playing various board games.
At the end of the afternoon, everyone enjoyed the feast of snacks we prepared!
I caught this sweet moment.  One of the missionaries from our team, Joquebede (in red), had the opportunity to talk with one mother for a really long time during the afternoon activities.  This mother poured out her heart to Joquebede and was really in need of counsel and prayer.  The Lord used Joquebede to encourage and bless this mother.
It was a wet, but great afternoon! The parents were encouraged to spend quality time with their children and enjoyed being here at the Lighthouse. 

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