Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Night!

This past weekend the Lighthouse team had a special team night   "Uma noite de jantar e jogos." Translated,  "A night of dinner and games." We hope to do this at least once a month to spend more quality time together having fun and growing in relationship as a team.  
Enjoy getting to know our dear team a bit through this blog post.  Since most of our team are living far from family, our team is really like our family here in Brazil.  I am so thankful for our amazing team!
Here is Beckie and Cida with our daughter Sophia all dressed up in a party dress.  Sophia loves all her tias (aunts) and tios (uncles) here at the Lighthouse!
Joyce preparing the dinner tables with candles! 
We enjoyed a lovely dinner together with our team.

There was music and Aldenito and Joyce enjoyed some dancing!  This sweet couple just recently got married and are serving here at the Lighthouse with us.  They are a huge blessing!

I made a game for us all to play as a team. The game was a signature game and the goal was to get as many different signatures as possible the fastest.  There are a list of various categories listed on the paper, some easy and some more difficult.  

Here are some examples: Get the signature of someone who has the same color eyes as you, get the signature of someone who has traveled to over 7 different countries, get the signature of someone who has been on a blind date, ect...
This game got everyone talking and also learning new things about one another!
We even found out that 2 of our team members have been on blind dates!
Andreia won the game with the most points in the fastest amount of time!  She was happy with her chocolate prize! :)
After the signature game we played a game of MAFIA!  It has been YEARS since I have played this game and guess what? I was the MAFIA!  As many of you know, I am a terrible liar.  I just can't lie so this was really challenging for me, but I ended up doing well and me and my MAFIA partner Andreia won the game! Fun Times!

After MAFIA, many people enjoyed playing various board games into late in the night!
Rummikub! I love this game! I used to play this game with my grandmother when I was a little girl!

It was a FUN night spending time together and just having fun!  My sweet husband Felipe took care of Sophia and let me stay and play with everyone. I really enjoyed our special TEAM night!

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