Thursday, October 14, 2010

Training Day for the School Monitors

This year, at the Lighthouse Community Center, we have began working closely with a school that is located in a rough area of our slum.  
Once a week, students are bused here to the Lighthouse to enjoy swimming in our pool, playing in the park, roller skating, playing sports, and participating in various activities. 
Members of the Lighthouse team lead all the activities and are ALSO able to share Bible stories, sing songs, pray, and share about God openly while the children are here, even though the school is not a Christian school.

When the children come to the Lighthouse, they are not alone.  There are school "monitors" that come here with the children serving as chaperones. Here is a photo of the monitors together with a few missionaries from the Lighthouse team!
Recently we had a training day with these school monitors.  We invited the monitors here to learn about disciplining and working with children who have difficulties and come from at risk situations.  Felipe led the morning training session.
The monitors also had a time of playing a game on the sports court here at the Lighthouse.  Fun fun fun!
The monitors truly enjoyed their time of learning and meeting with us here at the Lighthouse.  We are happy that our ministry is building these important relationships with the community workers.  We desire to bless, encourage, pray, and impact this specific school for Christ as they are impacting and investing in many children (who live in a dangerous area of the slum) on a daily basis.

Please pray for us at Lighthouse Community Center.  We desire to build good relationships and work together effectively with more schools in the future.

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