Friday, November 19, 2010

Camping Out at the Lighthouse!

This past weekend Felipe's boys group had a special weekend camping out here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  It was a weekend of FUN!
The boys in Felipe's group happily arriving with all their stuff.  They actually camped out on the floor of one of the classrooms here at the Lighthouse.
Normally, when children are here at the Lighthouse they follow a some-what structured program of various activities, but during this camp weekend it was more of a free time for the boys. 
The boys spent lots of time playing with Humble, the Lighthouse dog.
 They played board games,
and video games!
As you can see, the boys had the video games (from the computer) projected on a big screen inside one of the Lighthouse classrooms.  As you can see in the photo, projecting the video game on a big screen really gives the effect that you are in an arcade! Here Felipe is winning the video game he was playing. 
The boys intensely watching the video games...
The boys went swimming in the Lighthouse pool!
And of course, the they played soccer!  This is one of their most favorite things to do!
As you can see they are playing barefooted!  I don't know how they do it,  but this is the way most boys play soccer here in Brazil - without shoes!
 Felipe captured some expressive shots while the boys were having fun playing soccer.
During the camp, the boys also spent time playing outside in our spacious grassy area.  Just so you know, here in the slum there are not a lot of spacious grassy areas. The houses in the slum are all built one on top of each other.  The houses are situated in small alleyways and it seems that lots of people are crammed into a small area.  So, lots of space is not a common thing...  To be able to run and enjoy being outside in nature in a spacious place is really a blessing!  The kids love to be able to freely play outside here at the Lighthouse.
Hiding out in the tall grass during a game...
The boys hiding on the front porch of our house.
All throughout the weekend,  Felipe was taking photos for a project he is currently working on.  Our YWAM base is redesigning the website and asked Felipe to take some photos for the site. The kids had fun with this as well!  Here are a few fun portrait shots Felipe took with a green screen behind.
  Even Sophia and I had our picture taken! 
Over the camp out weekend the boys also enjoyed eating here at the Lighthouse!
 We had the traditional Brazilian rice and beans for lunch.
Then for dinner we had pizza!  Josiah, one of the co-leaders in the group, told the boys he would wash the plate of anyone who would give him a portion of their pizza.  Many of the boys gave Josiah slices of pizza and they thought he would NOT be able to eat ALL the pizza that he accumulated.  Here Josiah is putting down the many slices of pizza - proving that he is indeed a lean, mean eating machine!  Afterwards Josiah had lots of dishes to wash. 
 At night the boys had a sweet snack of homemade chocolate chip cookies that I baked special for the camp out!  These cookies were SO yummy!
 In the morning the boys had the standard coffee and bread for breakfast.  This is the typical Brazilian breakfast, and yes even children drink coffee here.
The weekend was a success!  The boys had an amazing time having fun and spending time together here at the Lighthouse.
Afterwards Felipe was SUPER tired as he feel asleep at about 2 am the night the boys slept here and woke up early the next morning.  The lack of sleep was well worth it though, as planting seeds of God's love and investing in relationships with these precious boys is a priceless thing.

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