Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YWAM Leadership Meeting

This past weekend our family, along with other Youth With A Mission (YWAM) leaders, went to the regional YWAM Leaders Meeting.  
This meeting was specifically for YWAM ministry leaders who work in the southeast of Brazil.  In the map above you can see this region of Brazil highlighted in blue. The southeast region of Brazil includes the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais (the state where we live).

On the bus traveling to the meeting!  It was a short 2 hour trip.
 Sophia fast asleep on the way to Pitangui, the city where the meeting was held...It took her awhile to fall asleep.

During the weekend many encouraging words were shared among the leaders.  In this photo, a Brazilian leader from our base (YWAM Belo Horizonte), is sharing an encouraging word.  He spoke about how God desires that we (in so many words)  "throw ourselves out there" for Him.  God desires that we take steps of faith and risks with Him.  He also desires that we believe that HE desires to do great things in our lives and through our lives.  We are to listen to His voice, obey, and live this adventure of FAITH with the Lord.  I was really encouraged by this word!  
During the weekend, the various leaders of different bases also shared about all the amazing things God is doing in the southeast region of Brazil through YWAM. It was a weekend of testimonies!
Below is a photo of a man who is affectionately called Tio Pedro (which is translated as Uncle Peter in English).  He is a dear man with a passion and heart for evangelism like I have never seen before. He works with a YWAM base in the city of Contagem.  He and his wife organize many different types of evangelistic outreaches every year, one of them being an evangelistic outreaches to prostitutes who work in the red-light district in Belo Horizonte. Pray for Tio Pedro and his team as they are working hard to share the message of Jesus Christ with many here in Brazil.   
Felipe and I had the honor to lead worship one night during the meeting.  It was a special time for us, but especially for me. During the last year I have not been leading worship as much due to a difficult pregnancy and adjusting to motherhood.  I have really missed using this gift God has given me.  God really encouraged me through leading this time of worship, reminding me of this precious gift HE has given me.  It is a free gift that I desire to share to bring honor and glory to His name and to bless others. 
Here is a short video clip of us leading the worship time.  A student from the YWAM Children At Risk course (named Keiko) played with us.  She is a professional violinist from Japan and it was so beautiful listening to her play. 

There also were many special times of prayer!
When we were not in the meetings we were having a great time talking and fellowshipping with the body of Christ. Of course we enjoyed many meals together - notice the yummy Brazilian beans and rice!

Sophia really enjoyed the weekend away- being in a new place with new people.  She also absolutely loved playing and being with all the children!  Being with so many kids was a new experience for her.

The students who are participating in the Children At Risk Course were the main childcare workers during the meeting times.  Here they are putting on a children's program for the kids!

Time for ART!
A friend of mine has a daughter who was born exactly one month before Sophia. We got the girls together and took some fun photos of them during the weekend! Sophia is on the left and Naiomi is on the right.
 So sweet these two girlies!
 We had a great weekend as a family, spending time with our YWAM family and being greatly challenged and encouraged as leaders.  We wish the retreat would have lasted longer!

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