Monday, December 13, 2010

10 years, 5 months, and 10 days...

Last Tuesday afternoon,a 10 year old boy was hit by a bus and died here in the Cafezal slum. 
He was hit by the little yellow bus that transports people through the windy narrow streets of the slum.  The brakes in the bus gave way and the bus driver lost control of the bus crashing into the boy and his uncle who were by the side of the road.  The boy was killed and the uncle injured.

I knew the little boy who was killed in this bus accident (let’s call him Mario).  He actually participated here at the Lighthouse Community Center in a children's group that I led along with my friend Beckie.  Mario spent many afternoons here at the Lighthouse from February until May of 2009. 
Mario loved to play outside in the park and to swim in the pool here at the Lighthouse.  He was a tall, handsome boy who always had a smile on his face.  He participated in our group for just a few months, but while Mario was here he had the opportunity to learn about God and His great love.  I am glad he was a part of my life and that I had the honor to know him...

I just got home from visiting Mario's mom.  She is doing well considering everything and really holding onto God through this difficult situation.  I must say she is one strong lady. 

She is praising God for Mario's life and the precious 10 years, 5 months, and 10 days that he lived on this earth.  She herself said this as we spoke with her this afternoon.  Her faith in God and heart to praise the Lord in the midst of great pain is remarkable.   

Please pray for Mario's family as they are all grieving this sudden loss.  Pray for his mother, father, 2 sisters (16 years old & 4 years old), little brother (2 years old) and extended family.  There is a church in the slum who is giving them lots of support during this time, so that is a great blessing.

This whole incident has shaken me quite a bit...  Now that I am a mother I can not imagine loosing my sweet Sophia.  What a difficult thing to pass through...  My heart really goes out to Mario's mother.

I am thankful Beckie and I were able to visit Mario's mother today.  During the visit we talked with her, prayed with her and gave her a photo of Mario that we had taken when he participated in our group.  

As soon as Beckie showed her the photo, Mario's mother began to cry.  It really touched her to receive a photo of Mario, as many people do not own cameras here in the slum so therefore many people do not have any photos of themselves or family.  Beckie and I have plans to print more photos of Mario to bless this family.   

Life is a gift. 
 Every moment we have with our spouses, our children and those we love most is truly precious.  Like Mario's mother, I want to value the blessings God gives and I want to praise the Lord for each day I have to spend with those I love most...

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