Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sophia Swimming!

The first time we tried to take Sophia in the swimming pool here at the Lighthouse Community Center, Sophia cried and clung to me the whole time... Just the other day we thought we would try the pool again.  This time she had a different reaction.

Here is Sophia enjoying watching some boys swim. All smiles! 
 The boys from Felipe's group really love Sophia.
 The boys are so sweet with her and esspecially love her punky hair!
 Sophia and I enter the pool.  She is staying close to me, but not crying...
In the water... Not sure what to think.
 I am trying to encourage her and show her it is fun!
Sophia is still not sure what to think about the swimming pool...
  and a splash in the face never helps...
 But gradually, Sophia begins to smile...
 And then she smiles some more...
And then she smiles even more!  
Sophia just could not stop smiling and laughing!  She discovered that she loves the swimming pool!
 She loves splashing too!
Sophia is really enjoying swimming with the children who come to swim here at the Lighthouse. She has made many friends with the kids from the slum.
Sophia is loving the swimming pool during this hot December month.  While it is winter and cold in the US, we are in the sunny (and sometimes rainy) summer season here in Brazil.  We are enjoying our Christmas season in the sun and swimming together!

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