Monday, December 6, 2010

Sophia's Baby Dedication Service

Welcome (or Bem-Vindos in Portuguese) to the YWAM Belo Horizonte's Baby Dedication Service.  This was a special night for us as a family because our precious Sophia Grace was dedicated to the Lord!
Here are the special seats for some VERY important people who participated in this child-centered worship service. When I arrived I thought that these little chairs were so cute all lined up just waiting to be sat in!
Before the service... I arrived early to prepare the music for the service and also Felipe's mother and sister Renata arrived early. We were excited about the service soon to start... and eagerly awaiting Felipe and Sophia to arrive.
Finally Sophia arrives and gets love and hugs from Aunt Renata!
Check out Sophia's hair... Honestly, we try to comb it down, but it is so fine that it just sticks back up again. We call it her punk rock hair!  Her hair really fits with her fun-loving personality. 

And the Baby Dedication Service begins!

The kids really enjoyed the service!
 Along with a volunteer from Germany and a fellow missionary from Brazil,  us three women led the worship songs on this special night!  We had fun singing kids songs with the children and adults present.
There was a fun Bible story about the birth of Jesus. Very fitting for a baby dedication service...
 And even a puppet to translate the story into English... Now, that was funny!

 PRAYERS of Dedication
 Johan, our YWAM base founder and leader prays blessings over the Souza family.  Their son Isaac was a true miracle as his mother Marleide was told by many doctors that she could not have children...BUT GOD is greater and she got pregnant.  We all were all praying for a miracle to happen and it did!
 Each family presented a video of photos after the prayer of dedication.
 Here is sweet little Emily with her parents. Her daddy is from Germany and her mommy from Brazil.  They live at the Lighthouse and lead the YWAM Discipleship Training School here at our base.  Emily and Sophia are friends!
 And it is our turn...  I love the photo of Sophia projected on the wall behind us.
As our dear friend Vanda was speaking a bit about Sophia and her birth, Sophia decided she wanted to talk too. She loves to talk and sing!
During the prayer of dedication Sophia continued talking.  She was enjoying all the attention!  She has quite a personality if you can't tell.  I love my sweet baby girl...
 We enjoyed watching the slideshow of photos that Felipe prepared. This photo shows me holding Sophia just moments after she was born.  This was one of the most precious moments of my life, holding my daughter for the first time... If you want to watch this slideshow just click on this link:
Our friends Johanneke and Jonathan with their daughter Naiomi.  Naiomi is exactly 1 month older than Sophia and they have already had a few play dates.
 Praying for their beautiful family...
 Enjoying the video of Naiomi's birth.

Overall, it was a beautiful and special night! 
We dedicated our sweet daughter to the Lord among our YWAM friends, Felipe's family, and also friends and family who were watching the live service online. We were thankful for an opportunity to formally commit our daughter to God.  
Sophia belongs to the Lord and we feel honored that He has entrusted her to us to love her, teach her and bless her life. 

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