Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Boy!

In December I helped give a baby shower for a pregnant 19 year old girl from the slum. 

I just wanted to share that Maria's baby was born on January 14th!  She gave birth to a healthy baby boy!  They are both at home and doing great. Today I finally got to visit both mommy and baby.  Here are some photos of the beautiful baby boy...
How precious this baby is... 
New life declares the wonder and beauty of God. Isn't He an amazing Creator?  He is the Author of Life!
 Please pray for Maria and her son. Their living conditions are not the best, as they live in a poorly constructed house (which leaks a lot when it rains).  They also live with Maria's grandmother, brother, and 2 little sisters. Pray for good health for both mommy and baby in spite of poor living conditions.

Please pray that this family would  also grow in their relationship with the Lord.  They have seen His goodness and faithfulness during this time. One testimony of God at work is that while the baby was still in Maria's womb he was actually positioned with his head up and it was almost as if he was vertically sitting up.  The doctors kept a close eye on this, as they expected to have to do a c-section on Maria.  We prayed with her that the baby would turn and that she would be able to have a normal and natural delivery, and that is what ended up happening!  Just before the baby was born he turned inside the womb, positioning himself perfectly, head down.  Praise the Lord!

God has also blessed Maria with emotional support from the father of the baby, although they are not married.  There are many teenage girls who have babies here in the slum who do not have any support from the father of their children.  Maria's boyfriend was present during the delivery and is helping Maria a lot caring for the baby.  Please pray for this father that he would be able to get a job to help support both the baby and Maria financially.  Thank you for your prayers!

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