Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fire at the Lighthouse

Today we had a fire here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  In the front section of land here, there is a huge hill and flat area which is full of tall grass.  Today this grassy area caught on fire.  Unfortunately, we believe that someone from the community (maybe a kid or teenager) set the grass on fire.  The fire took and spread quickly creating lots of smoke and consuming lots of tall grass. 

Many people stopped what they were doing to lend a helping hand.  People were quickly carrying buckets of water to help extinguish the fast spreading fire.  Because today was a windy day. the fire spread and grew quite big very quickly.
 Some people were even getting water from the swimming pool to help put the fire out.
 Here Felipe and some guys are working on digging a small ditch /dividing line to prevent the fire from spreading up near the fruit trees and the actual Lighthouse building.  Water was thrown all around this area as well to prevent the fire from coming any closer to the Lighthouse.
 In an emergency situation, everyone was working well under pressure.
A few shots of the fire...
  As you can see, there was LOTS of smoke! Felipe was working hard to stop the fire.  I am proud of him.  After taking these photos (while Sophia was safe at home) I decided I would take Sophia out to get away from all the smoke and get some fresh air.
 After returning to the Lighthouse, the fire was under control and I could see some of the fire's damage more clearly.  My favorite tree on the land was burned, the beloved Amora tree.  Felipe and I started our relationship under this tree and he also proposed to me here. (If you want to read this story click here).  I am thankful the fire did not consume too much of this beautiful tree.  You can see in the photo below where the tree was burned...
 Thankfully, the fire is now under control.
It was great to see the hearts of service and teamwork in everyone to accomplish a common goal.  Today everyone was fighting the fire together...in unity.  A great reminder as well that we can achieve SO MUCH more when we work together.  Alone, Felipe could not have fought this fire.  The fire was too BIG and out of control. But, together with the help of others, the fire was fought and was extinguished.

We are thankful for God's protection today in this whole fire situation.  No one was injured and no buildings were burned.  Thank you Lord!

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  1. Awesome post =) Crazy things seem to happen in Brasil... each day brings a new adventure! It was fun being a bombeiro =)