Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Beautiful Moment Captured...

Yesterday the group from local school was here at the Lighthouse Community Center again.  Every Wednesday Felipe and I work with this group, along with Sander (a volunteer from Holland).  Yesterday we received several new children into our group. One special girl in particular caught my attention and brightened my day, let's call this girl Tina.

Tina is about 7 years old and has some mental disabilities.  She is the only child in our group who clearly has a mental disability, but we could already see she has a determined spirit to rise up to challenges and learn. 

In the park, Tina had the opportunity to swing on a swing and she absolutely LOVED it!  Her laughter and pure joy blessed me so much.  I have to say that one of the sounds I most love to hear is the laughter of a child.  It is such a pure sound and declares the goodness and joy of the Lord!

Here is a video of a beautiful moment captured. Here is Tina, enjoying being pushed high on a swing here at the Lighthouse Community Center.  Her laughter and joy is contagious and beautiful! I feel thankful that Tina could enjoy being outside in nature, simply enjoying her childhood.

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