Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Little Pink House

One day this past week, as I was having some prayer time alone in the park here at the Lighthouse Community Center, I looked up and noticed the cutest little pink house.  It is situated right in the middle of a hillside of homes here in the slum.
This little house stuck out to me and brought me joy! Often in the slum it seems that people do not take care of the appearance of their homes, so it was nice to see a happy looking home.   I was pleased to see that someone took pride in themselves, by valuing the place where they lived. The house is small, but painted with a bright, friendly color, while the houses all around it are dull and unwelcoming.  A lady (I assume the mother of the household) was also working away outside the home. She was hanging wet laundry and then began sweeping the walkway leading up to the front door.

As I looked at this happy little house I thought, "This is a home of dignity."  I could clearly tell that this woman took pride in her home and in the tasks that she had to accomplish. I could tell she is a good steward of the good things God has given her - even if it is just a little house, on a hillside, in a slum.  This lady is making the best of her current situation.  I was blessed and inspired to see this example.

She is an example to others in the slum. I have encountered many many apathetic people in the slum, who do not value themselves, or their homes or the gifts God has blessed them with.   They are believing the lie of the enemy that they are not valuable.  This, I think, is one of the biggest challenges we face in missions.  However, we press on to try to bring transformation to the minds of people.  Many children and adults in the slum do not genuinely value themselves. They do not dream or truly believe that they can do something great, something of great worth or value.  Many give up before they will even try... Also, it seems that many people know about the Lord, but are not living the abundant life HE has to offer.

This special lady, from the pink house, also reminded of Felipe's mother, Mario do Carmo.  She is a woman of great value and dignity.
When Felipe was a boy, and his family was living in even the poorest conditions and going through difficult situations, Felipe's mother always tried to keep their small home clean and decorated with simple decorations. She valued all the simple things that they possessed and was an excellent steward of the good things God blessed her with.  She also showed her children that they had value in various ways, one way she showed this was by valuing their house and making it into a home. 

I just was inspired by these two simple women recently and wanted to share... I want to be a good steward of even the littlest things God entrusts me with and bring glory to Him in even smallest of tasks.

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  1. This post really blessed me! So true! Encouraging me to teach this to my children. Love u!