Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wildlife: The Hummingbird

Among the many interesting things that go on here at the Lighthouse Community Center, recently a mother hummingbird caught my attention.

Always quickly flying from one side to another, she makes a sound that only a hummingbird is able to make.  This beautiful animal, with purple feathers on her head and vibrant green on her breast, displays her beauty as she amazingly hovers midair.  She impresses me every time that I see her flying near our home.

I realized the hummingbird was always coming to our flower shaped hummingbird feeder in search of water. Laura put the feeder out months ago in an effort to attract thirsty hummingbirds.

To our joy, we discovered that the hummingbird decided to make her nest here at our house.  She chose a spot just around the side of the house - on top of an old, unused light socket and underneath some of the pottery roofing shingles to be protected from the wind and rain. 

After three days she had already constructed her safe, cozy place for her future babies.

Everyday the mommy hummingbird sat there incubating her eggs.

Anytime she feels threatened, she flies over to a nearby power line and sits there until everything is OK for her to come back.

But sometimes she attacks unannounced visitors that get too close to her babies. This happened to a pigeon that decided to land right on top of the roof, where you can find the nest just underneath. 
The hummingbird insisted that the poor pigeon had to GO, and she was only at rest again when he was gone...

I was really happy to be able to take a few photos of this hummingbird without bothering her too much.  Sometimes she would actually let me get pretty close to her, without being too afraid of me being there.

Overall, I must say that I am happy to share about something so beautiful and poetic like this hummingbird.
Thank you mother hummingbird for choosing our house as a safe refuge for your nest.
Thank you God for your creation that inspires us to always praise You.

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  1. Thank you for posting the BEAUTIFUL pics of the hummingbird!! I can't believe the beauty!! I LOVE hummers! 8*)