Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing Girl

This week a girl went missing here in the slum where we live.  We just found on Thursday afternoon and this situation has been weighing heavy on my heart since then.  I want to share a bit about this so that you can join us in prayer for this precious girl who is missing.  Let's call her Ana...
Some History
Ana is about 8 years old and is a beautiful girl.  Ana's mother died suddenly last year, leaving Ana to live with her grandmother, who is not mentally capable of caring for Ana. 

Ana's father is alive, and since the death of Ana's mother he wanted very much to recieve Ana into his home and to care for her. He offered to take Ana, but Ana's grandmother refused him, even though she herself does not have the mental, physical, or financial means to properly care for Ana.  The grandmother seems to have much bitterness and anger towards Ana's father, for reasons we are not sure of.  

A few weeks ago, Joyce (a missionary who works here at the Lighthouse - who works directly with this family), became aware that Ana was not attending school on regular basis.  Ana's grandmother was having difficulty getting Ana up and to school each day.  Overall, Joyce felt it was time to report this family, this overall situation,  to the child protection board here in Belo Horizonte.  Ana desperately needed some help.  Her grandmother was not providing it, so it was time that some authority step in and get Ana the help she needed.   

Last Sunday...
Last Sunday, Ana's grandmother gave Ana away to some strangers to care for her.  She even gave Ana's official documents away with her. The grandmother is not mentally all together there and does not have much information about the people she gave Ana to. We are not sure what exactly happened, because the grandmother is also difficult to understand and seems confused most of the time.

 No one has seen Ana since last Sunday, so she has been gone now for 1 week.  Now Ana's grandmother realizes what a mistake she made and is very much afraid of what may happen to her as well.  When Joyce became aware of this situation she immediately reported it (on Thursday afternoon) and now the Child Protection Board is at work to find Ana. 

Pray for Ana
 Please pray for Ana's protection and that she will be found soon.  Honestly, there is no telling what could be happening to Ana at the moment.  It is very likely she could even be sold into child prostituion. Let's pray and hope for the best - that Ana will be rescued and found, safe and sound. There is power in prayer and in proclaiming the Word of God.  Please interceed and spend time in prayer for this situation and for Ana's precious life.

I hope to update our blog with good news soon concerning all this, but until then let's keeping praying...

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