Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beauty Day! Dia de Beleza!

Joquebede, a Brazilian missionary who serves here at the Lighthouse Community Center, organized a "Beauty Day" (or in Portuguese "Dia de Beleza")  for the lovely ladies in her water aerobics class!  She invited a team of Christian beauticians to come and serve the ladies from the slum with their gift of beautifying.

  Here is a photo of the organizer of this event, Joquebede, getting her hair washed and enjoying the beauty day.
The classroom transformed into a salon!
Wash, Cut, and Style!
There was even hand massages given by my friend Lisa who is a missionary from Ireland!
My friend Stacie, a missionary from the USA, also works with the ladies in the water aerobics course and was enjoying the beauty day along with the ladies!
The ladies even received facials and deep pore skin treatments.  Impressive!
Pedicures and Manicures!  The ladies in Brazil love to take care of their nails!
Eyebrow shaping!
And of couse you know there has to be coffee, tea, chocolate and yummy treats on a day like this!
Sweet Fellowship!
Beautiful Results!
At the end of the event the ladies all received a beauty kit and a flower to remind them of their beauty! 
The ladies enjoyed holding and talking with Sophia!
 Group photo of the beauticians with the beautiful ladies from the slum.
A time of prayer praising the Lord for the ladies, their beauty and the beauticians.
Saying goodbye and thankyou!  Everyone was hugging and it was a beautiful moment! The ladies from the community were SO thankful for this Beauty Day. 
More Hugs!
 These women were treated with love, value and care. They were treated as beautiful and precious daughters of the King!  I was happy to see the joy and appreciation on their faces, to get to talk with some of these special ladies and just spend a little time with them.
It was a beautiful Beauty Day!

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