Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celebrating Sophia's 1st Birthday!

This is a SUPER post of the many photos we took as we celebrated Sophia's 1st Birthday!

Sophia's beautiful birthday cake made especially by our friend Eleanor.  She did a great job with the cake!
We celebrated Sophia's birthday after lunch last Friday, May 6th, here at the Lighthouse Community Center.
First we had a time praying for Sophia.
Then we sang "Happy Birthday" in both Portuguese and English.
We are proud parents!
Sophia was so serious and was not sure what to do with all the attention.
Sophia having cake for the first time!
She was not sure what to do with the cake so we were really encouraging her to eat it!
Tasting the icing!
Recieving a gift from Kayleeana, another 1 year old, whose mom is a missionary from the US and dad is from Brazil, just like our family.  I am happy these girls can speak both English and Portuguese together!
We offered another piece of cake to see if it would be more appealing to Sophia.  She is tasting and slowly deciding what she should do...
Yummy icing made special for her cake!
And finally she decides to eat the cake! YAY!!!
Sophia then grabbed the cake and was shoving it into her mouth.  She loved it! 

On Saturday, the day after Sophia's birthday, we went to the zoo with Felipe's mother and sister to celebrate Sophia's birthday with a fun outing!
Sophia and her Aunt Renata! They really love each other!
My dancing girl!  We were singing and she started dancing for us. It is her new thing!
Looking at the elephants!
Sophia enjoyed looking at all the animals.  The whole time she was so focused on all the animals and taking in the environment around her.
Felipe was able to get some really cool shots of the snakes!
We had a break and ate some snacks!
Sophia also had a wardrobe change. I wanted to get some photos of her in her new pretty white dress she received from her Aunt Becky for her birthday!
Now, Mommy is behind the camera. I had fun taking photos too!
A family shot!
Now, the camera is back in Felipe's hands...
Sophia was getting tired and hungry at this point and wanted mommy...

After the zoo we went back to Felipe's mom's house for lunch.
The neighbor's cat even came over to wish Sophia Happy Birthday.  She LOVED it!
We had a great time celebrating Sophia's life together with friends and family!

As Psalm 127:3 says,
  "Children are a gift from the Lord;  they are a reward from him."
 This is SO true! Sophia is a great gift in our lives and we are so thankful for her precious life.  She has taught us many lessons and is continually teaching us more about God and His love every day.  We feel extremely blessed that God has entrusted us with His beautiful daughter.  We pray we can show Sophia God's great love and teach her His ways.

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia Grace Matias!
You are a precious gift and we love you immensely! 


  1. Sophia is so cute! And you are beautiful as always :) Glad you have found a home, a purpose, and a family in God's will :)